For those who are seeking advancement, growth, and victory in your   
walk with the Lord, here are some suggestions: 

Sometimes I think that believers are doing what they know they should   
–they meditate on Scripture (alone with God), pray, worship, praise,   
love others, do kind acts, share the Gospel, study God’s Word with   
others so as to sharpen, adjust, and edify one another.  But… the   
problem comes when they then promptly go partake of the world.  I   
believe this cancels out the good that was ingested into the spirit,   
replacing it with “junk food”.  The Lord is not pleased with this type   
of person, for as James 1:8 says, “A double-minded man [is] unstable   
in all he does.”  And v. 8, “That man [lacking faith] should not think   
he will receive anything from the Lord.” 

Let’s remember that “Every word of God is flawless” (Prov. 30:5), so   
when we read His Word, it means what it says.  To not receive   
“anything from the Lord” means no answers to prayer and no eternal   
life.  “For without faith it is impossible to please God.”  (Heb.   
11:6)  And to not please God is to not be welcomed into His Eternal   

Here are some other related things (to a lack of faith) that the Lord   
is not pleased with: 

#a) –Having a divided heart.  Because a divided heart, like anything   
else divided, will not stand.  (See Matt. 12:25)  And because one’s   
love grows cold (see Matt. 24:12) it falls to deception (v. 11),   
“turns away from the faith” (v. 10), and “the heart becomes   
calloused.”  (See Matt. 13:15) 

#b) –Serving two masters.  Because “either he will hate the one and   
love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the   
other.  You cannot serve both God and worldly wealth.”  (Luke 16:13)   
And worldly wealth means not only cash; it means whatever we own (or   
are even striving to own), such as property, herds, cars, homes,   
clothes, jewelry, fame, power, etc.  For ” worldly cravings, lusts,   
and  boastings” (see 1 John 2:15,16), and any “friendship with the   
world [–] IS hatred toward God.”  (James 4:4) 

#c) –Being lukewarm.  (Rev. 3:16)  God does not accept worship from   
unfaithful, polluted vessels (see Mal. 1:11 / Isa. 66:20 / James   
1:27), nor will He accept prayers from those holding onto sin (Ps.   
66:18 / Isa. 59:2 /Mark 11:25,26 / John 9:31 / James 5:16b)  Many   
“Christians” are constantly and consistently polluting themselves by   
holding onto their sinful ways.  It’s like feeding one’s mind and   
spirit with beautiful “words of life” at a banqueting table, and then   
going right over to feed off the exact opposite –at a garbage bin — 
yes, by feeding one’s mind and spirit with worldly attitudes and   
philosophies and filth and desires that are contrary to God’s way. 

So, besides victory coming through singing praises to the Lord and   
reading, meditating on, memorizing, and studying diligently His Word,   
the above points may be some hindrances to that hoped-for life-walk of   
faith, victory, confidence, and peace.  It could be summed up with   
this:  “WHOLE-hearted OBEDIENCE is a necessity.”  We must be   
obedient.  Even in the smallest ways.  We must love Him with all our   
hearts.  For as Jesus says in John 14:15, “If you love Me you will   
obey what I command.”  And His command is to love Him with all our   
heart, soul, strength, and mind, and our neighbor as ourself.  (See   
Luke 10:27)  And we do THAT by obeying the Holy Spirit at ALL times.   
(See Gal. 5:25,16,18 & Rom. 8:9) 

So may we always be on guard.  May we always love our God fervently   
and obediently, listening to no other master.  May we always feed   
ourselves from His Word until it saturates our whole being –making it   
impossible for it not to change us. 

May God find us pleasing to Him. 

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