Today at the bus and train stops it seemed like almost everyone was extra receptive and many came over to me and asked for a tract or even initiated a conversation. I believe the main reason for the exceptionally good afternoon of evangelism was this: Prayer. I had texted and emailed more people than I normally do to be praying for me and those I’d meet, and I believe they really were praying.

Speaking of prayer, the Lord arranged a prayer meeting right there at one of the main four corners and it was initiated by one of the transit security cops! There were about six of them on bicycles talking with one another (and with others who were standing there), and two of them started talking to me and thanking me for what I do down there. I was kind of surprised but then I thanked them for their service to the community too. One wanted to see all five of the signs I was wearing and the other asked if he could pray for me right then. I said, “Sure! Thank you.” But then I added, “In the name of Jesus, right?” He said, “Definitely,” and so I again affirmed that that would be great. Both he and the other guy put their hands on my shoulders and prayed for me so wonderfully, with many listening in! It was such a sweet blessing! I’ve been witnessing down there since January of 1996 and I don’t think any law enforcement person has ever done that for me! I felt very edified by seeing their boldness in Christ, as well as their thoughtfulness toward me.

There were many, many excellent encounters today (like with a husband and wife who were from England, and like with a woman who had a huge black eye, bruised face, and mangled ear), but just one other that was a bit unusual was that a guy came out of the McDonalds, handed me a bag and said, “I bought you two hamburgers.” I thought that was so kind of him and I told him so, and being I’d been talking with him about God’s Word a half hour or so before, I didn’t want to refuse his gift. So even though I didn’t actually want the hamburgers, I took the bag, and telling him how thoughtful that was of him, I put it in my tract bag. A bit later when I was headed back to my car, I realized I hadn’t given the hamburgers away to any homeless-looking person, which I had planned to do. I quickly prayed that someone would come by that I could give them to, but being I was already at my car, no homeless-looking person was around. But then! –out of nowhere almost, a tattered-clothed man jay-walked across to my side of the street, and so holding up the bag, I called out to him, “Do you want two McDonalds hamburgers?” He came over to me and asked, “You’re not trying to kill me, are you?”

I knew what the guy meant. It’s the same thought that keeps me from eating anything a stranger gives me –it could be laced with a drug, or anything. I told him the person who gave it to me had just come out of McDonalds and that since the guy was trying to be nice I’d accepted it even though I had other plans for dinner. The guy apparently believed me, for he took the bag and crossed the street toward the spot from where he’d initially emerged from, chomping happily away. As I drove off, he smiled and waved a half-finished hamburger at me.

I tell of these experiences because they distinctly revealed to me that the Lord was answering my prayers that people be friendly, positive, and receptive to me and my message. Several of those partnering in prayer for me said they were praying for the same things, so I know it came about because the Lord was causing it. Truly prayer makes a gigantic difference! Obedience in going out and putting forth the effort is necessary, of course, but even that must be accompanied with prayer.

The Lord works through prayer. Let’s believe it and act according to that faith.

with love,

A few hours ago I made a phone call to an elderly couple I have visited and witnessed to for years. I’d been praying for their nephew who had cancer but who, last time I called about a month ago, was getting better with some new kind of treatment. Sadly, though, I found out today that the nephew died last night about 9:30.

Besides expressing my sorrow, I also prayed over the phone for the whole extended family. Later, after getting off the phone, I prayed some more, crying out to the Lord that He would use His power and wisdom to bring this elderly couple to salvation. I also prayed that they would see that my phone call had, as has happened several times before, come right at a significant time. –That they would see that this so often happens by none other than divine appointment because it is really the Lord Himself who keeps trying to remind them of their spiritual need and to woo them to Eternal Life.

I prayed this and now pray again: “Lord, please show them that I tell them I love them because it is You in me that loves them so very much. Lord, let them see that I called the morning after their nephew’s death, not because I knew it happened, but because it is actually YOU who are (again) trying to show them that You are ever watching everything, that what concerns them does concern You, and that it is You trying again to compassionately remind them of the afterlife, of the two eternal destinations, and that everyone must repent of their sins and trust in Jesus’ name and atonement in order to be eternally saved.” Righteous readers, please agree in prayer with me right now, “Lord, save this couple, please, before they die!”

I will continue to pray and to trust God to answer this prayer. We can be assured that He does not desire that ANYONE perish, but that everyone will come to repentance and salvation. (2 Pe. 3:9) Moreover, we can be assured that God does answer prayer that is in line with His will (1 John 5:14,15) and if, with a clean heart, we persist in petition and praise. God has chosen to work through people. But, if we shirk the responsibility, we will face rebuke (or worse!) at the Judgement. (Ezek. 33:6-9 // Mt. 24:45-25:46) Therefore, let us continue in prayer, worship, thanksgiving, good deeds, love, and evangelism every moment available to us so that people will not go to Destruction when we could have changed their course!

One man who did partner with God in His work to save souls, also died within this last week. But, concerning his 91 years of life, his family, the rest of us who attended his funeral on Monday, and others, can rejoice that it was well lived for God and his fellowman. He served his country and he served in the Kingdom of God –as a boy with his street-preaching parents, as a missionary overseas for many years, and as a teacher of God’s Word here. Oh, how he loved and studied the Word for hours a day! He and his wife share the carport with my parents, and already we all miss him very much. Having been in fine health, he was sick less than a week, making it another reminder of how swiftly any of us can go. I considered him, along with his wife, one of my prayer partners whom I, or my mom, would often call on to be praying whenever I would evangelize downtown. Each year he would give me a stack of pocket calendars with Scripture verses on them to hand out, and several times he gave my mom tracts to use in her treat bags. We will miss his kindness and his prayers, and my parents will greatly miss him as a neighbor!

What about each of us? Are we consistently ready (Mt. 24:44) to exit this life and undergo The Final Evaluation? For “It is appointed unto man once to die, and after that to face Judgement.” (Heb. 9:27)

with love,

Tomorrow is National Day of Prayer here in the U.S.A. so tonight I decided to meditate on some Scripture verses about prayer. I took note that several emphasized being faithfully devoted to it and engaging in it at all times. Here are the notes I jotted down tonight as I read and learned from the verses:

Phil. 4:6 –In every situation we are to pray with thanksgiving and complete trust in God.

Rom. 12:12 –We are commanded to be faithful about praying.

1 Thes. 5:17 –We should pray always, meaning continually.

Col. 4:2 –We are told to devote ourselves to prayer.

1 Pe. 4:7 –We are told to be alert and sober-minded so that we can pray. (Yes, it is so true that in order to pray we must be attuned to what and who needs prayer, and if our thoughts are cluttered up with worldly or frivolous thoughts, then that which needs to be prayed about will escape our attention.)

Luke 18:1 –Jesus teaches us that we should not give up in petitioning Him.

Mt. 6:7 –However, persistence does not mean it is repetitious mantras that God wants.

Acts 16:25,26 –Along with our petitions, we should sing praises to God. This adds to the power of prayer!

Mt. 6:6 –We should pray when we are alone with God, not pray for publicity’s sake. (Praying while all alone with God should be a daily, unhurried event, for this creates intimacy with our Lord as well as an ability to focus our minds on seeking Him and His will without the distractions of other noise.)

Mt. 18:20 –When praying with others, it need not be a crowd, for the Lord promises His presence among even two or three.

Acts 1:14 –We are to be praying constantly with other faith-filled people. (Why are so many churches not encouraging prayer meetings? If the early church was constantly meeting for prayer, why aren’t we doing so even once a month?)

Ja. 5:16 –Do we believe that righteous people’s prayers are powerful and effective, as this verse says? Then let’s utilize our privilege!

Ja. 1:6 –We are not to entertain doubt, thinking that God probably won’t answer, for…

Mark 11:24 & 1 John 5:15 –As these two verses remind us, when we pray, we are to believe firmly that our request is granted.

1 Chron. 16:11 –We are to continually seek the Lord, His strength, His presence, His guidance, and trust that when we look to Him for help, He is there for us!


Being that most of the year is spent praying for that which concerns us individually, let’s take tomorrow to join others in praying for our nation and its leaders, for the up-coming presidential election, for the pastors and all those responsible to teach God’s Word, for parents and others who have influence over youngster’s minds, and for the immorality, idolatry, and injustice that blankets our land to stop. Let’s pray that Americans repent. Let’s pray that God intervenes in mercy, cleanses and heals us, brings the wicked to their knees, and delivers the contrite from sin and evil.

Let’s take a stand and prostrate ourselves before the Great Throne of Grace. Let’s petition God and believe that He has granted our requests.

with love,

Edified While Witnessing

April 5, 2016

I had a great day witnessing downtown yesterday –tons of great conversations. One that was annoying, though –the guy (Warren) kept testing me and then saying I didn’t score well because I didn’t answer exactly the way he wanted. Weird. Another guy came along (Rex, who reads the Bible aloud on the street) and said that yeah, that guy is confrontational, and so I said that this was negative and I kept trying to get away from him but not leave him offended.

Finally Rex suggested we cross the street and we said bye to Warren who looked a bit dejected, and then I encouraged Rex for about 15 minutes. During that time a guy named Tim came and hugged me and I was very excited to see him as my husband and I had taken him to McDonalds over ten years ago when he asked for a handout. I hadn’t seen him for about nine years! After he left, Rex said that that guy (Tim) had asked him for a handout recently of money and he’d given it, but Tim didn’t act like he recognized Rex. So Rex, a bit put out that Tim didn’t recognize him and thank him, said Tim must be a moocher. I agreed, but told Rex to next time offer food, not money. (By the way, when I witness down there, I bring no money with me so that I can say I have no money with me.)

While Rex and I were still talking, a man and woman (who said their names were Trevor and Barb) came up to me and said that they’d seen me from the train and gotten off specifically to come and ask me for prayer. So I hugged the woman and the four of us prayed, holding hands. They seemed very grateful, and then left. Please say a prayer for them –for wisdom, guidance, protection, provision, peace, etc. from the Lord. Thank you! Anyway, I’m writing this quickly, but it is to give you an idea of why I use signs. It brings the needful ones TO me. It is truly a wonderful way to proclaim Christ and God’s Word and draw those who DO want to hear or have prayer. They see and come over to me. Excellent!

Well, then I told Rex I better get to my car as my meter was likely about run out and the street clock said 2:00 but hadn’t moved, so I got worried. I’d asked a cop and another person if that was the right time and they said yes. I said that I was sure it’d said 2:00 about ten minutes earlier, and they said without looking at any watch, “The clock is right. It is 2:00.” And they gave me a look like I was nuts. So I said I must’ve looked at it wrong and went on letting Warren talk (this was when I was talking with him, or rather letting him annoyingly quiz me in Scripture). So anyway, when I said goodbye to Rex, I felt I better really hurry to my car. Thankfully, the crosswalks were all “Walk” when I got to them and when I saw my car, a parking patrol was walking toward it! Thank the Lord she was walking slowly!!! I ran and got to the meter before she did and I said, “Whew! Just in time!” It was on zero, but I didn’t know how long it’d been on that and I told her about the street clock and that a cop had even told me that the clock was right when it wasn’t! She said okay and kept walking without giving me a parking ticket. Thank the Lord!

There was one guy I met earlier, at the lunch hour, when I had gone up to the restaurant area, and he (Paul) was so great to talk with. I almost passed him by and am so glad I turned back. He had a slight (very slight) speech impediment and seemed very humble. I said a few things and asked him something like, “What are your spiritual beliefs?” (This is always a great evangelism question because most people like to talk about what they believe more than listen to another’s beliefs.) He told me and it was actually fascinating. He explained how Satan, though already judged and condemned, has been given the time span of human history to try to prove that God is a liar and unloving, etc. Paul talked about how Satan wants the Jews annihilated so that God cannot fulfill his two covenants –to Abraham about land, and to David about the throne– and so keeps inciting evil people to wipe them off the earth. I totally agree with this and so kept listening. Paul articulated his “sermon” to me very well and I told him so. I was very edified as what I believe was explained so well and in such detail. I spent at least 30 minutes listening to Paul. What a huge blessing, and I believe this blessing was one of the main reasons for me to decide, spur of the moment, to go downtown yesterday. God is so good and gracious to be encouraging to us!!! Especially in response to the prayers of His people for each other!!!

Well, thank you again for your prayers for me. I appreciate it so much!!! Thank you, too, for sending my latest post link to that pastor you mentioned. May he be edified by it as it confirms what he preached.

(This got so detailed I may as well use the part about my time witnessing downtown yesterday as a post, though I’ll change the people’s names for privacy.)


Below is what I received from the ACLJ today. They work hard on the side of justice and I urge everyone to read their reports and do what they can to support them, including through prayer.

with love,


Israel is under attack.

Palestinian terrorists are stabbing and shooting innocent civilians. Yet, shockingly, hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are going to the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority as it, in turn, funds terrorists at war with Israel.

It’s shameful and must end.

Sign Our Petition: Stop Funding Terrorists at War with Israel.

At the same time, a U.N. agency tried to declare the Jewish Wailing Wall an Islamic holy site. It’s an outrage.

Read Our Report: Jewish Wailing Wall an Islamic Holy Site?

This week we sent a critical legal letter to the Secretary of Defense to defend a war hero who defended a child.
Read: Reinstate Sergeant Martland and Protect Children.

We’re also taking direct legal action to defend pro-life pregnancy centers from a pro-abortion plot to shut them down.

Sign Our Petition: Stop the Shutdown of Pro-Life Centers.

Read Our Analysis: Big Abortion’s Plot to Close the Competition.

For nearly 100 years, Planned Parenthood has been killing babies.

Read Our Expose: 99th Birthday for the Industry of Death.

The ACLJ Team

Please be praying for the Casiguran-Agta, the people group I was raised among, and those near them in the actual town of Casiguran, Philippines. This week’s Typhoon Koppu (Lando) hit hardest there and the people need supplies and shelter.

See this site:

And this one that has several photos:

Even so the LORD is good. We know “His way is in the whirlwind and the storm” (Nahum 1:3) and stormy winds are included in those servants that carry out His orders. (Ps. 148:8) But through it, God is merciful, full of compassion, and we can trust that He has His reasons for what He both commands and allows.

Please, let’s be praying that God works His good purposes out of this typhoon, that everyone will fear Him, pray to Him, and turn from all sin, and that people will be motivated to help those who have been hurt. Let’s be praying that those who have much will be tender and respond to those who have little… or nothing. Let’s pray that all hearts will be moved to assist in whatever way available to them, including to pray for the salvation of souls as well as physical relief for the victims.

with love,

Someone asked to film my dad telling about the way God orchestrated a, statistically-speaking, nearly impossible event which lead a young couple to turn their lives over to the Lord and start a mission. Our family played a big part in it. Here is my dad relaying that beautiful God-story:

with love,