Ten years ago today I started this blog. Or rather, my husband started it. He kept saying that because I was so compelled to write “sermons” and send them to all my email friends, I really needed a blog instead. I insisted that it wasn’t necessary, but when he announced ten years ago, August 11, that he’d set it up and it was ready for me, I began that very day. I’m so thankful that my dear husband recognized what the Lord was offering me, for it has been a huge privilege and blessing to write about His wonderful Word. In fact, I was so filled with the Spirit, that not being able to hold back my urge to write about Him prompted me to write an article every day for the first five years! Actually, that Fire burning in me was similar to when I first began seriously evangelizing, which was 25 years ago now. I evangelized everywhere –while pumping gas, in a restaurant, grading papers after school… to whoever came within earshot.

I thank the Lord for having me write at this blog. I have learned so much myself as I’ve listened to Him teach me His Word and while contemplating and explaining its truths. I also thank my husband, not only for initiating this great experience, but for supporting me and encouraging me all along the way. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Here is a photo of me and my sweet friend (and husband of 32 years) taken on 6/22/19:

with love,

Earlier this month, I attended with my parents, their mission’s celebration of the 1,000th New Testament translated into 1,000 different languages, and done by various members over the years. It was a wonderful time of thanking the Lord for His faithfulness in helping missionaries accomplish this, and two days later we attended the mission’s Day of Prayer, petitioning God with specific requests concerning on-going and future translation projects, and praying that He continue to powerfully spread His workers and Word across the earth.

One of those 1,000th language groups for whom the New Testament was translated are the Agta in the Philippines, and it was done by my parents. They went to live with the Agta in 1961, created a dictionary (being it was a previously unwritten language), raised us three kids there, and completed the Agta New Testament in early 1979. My dad then got his Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology, taught prospective missionaries, wrote numerous academic articles and books (my mom being his assistant and proofreader, even while she was also the mission chaplain for nine summers), and until 2010 went back every other year (along with my mom) to minister to the Agta.

Here is a photo of me with my parents by their booth at the recent celebration, and my mom is holding the Agta New Testament:


My brother has, for several years, been making visits to the Agta to continue what our parents had begun –helping the Agta grow their church, protect their land rights, and achieve their educational aspirations. Here is a link for a website he created so others can learn more about this:

To those who would like to help my brother help the Agta, thank you VERY much!!!

So, at this Thanksgiving time, I once again am expressing my gratefulness for God’s Word. It “is living and active” (Heb. 4:12) and comforting and powerful. It is our guide, and God’s Voice / Life / Spirit is in it. (John 6:63) I am thankful for my parents who raised us in it –to love it, not take it for granted, and to memorize it and follow it. I am thankful that I’ve had the Word of God in my own language all my life, and though many are not that privileged, I am very thankful that there are translators, and others of God’s workers, who have dedicated their lives to the effort that all peoples everywhere may have the Scripture in the language in which they can best understand it.

with love,

Our 2017

January 3, 2018


I hope everyone’s 2018 has started off well and that God gives us all His favor as we listen carefully to His voice and heed it, following His instructions of how to do so.

I’ve been so thankful for the many kindnesses the Lord has extended to us in 2017, and all in all it was a pretty good year. There were exciting things, like while witnessing and conversing about the Lord, like my parents trying to adapt to two hyperactive kittens, and like my sister, her husband, and her three youngest kids moving here. In spite of being new to her school, Violet, my sister’s daughter, was voted into Homecoming Court. Everyone thinks she is so nice, because she is! Another highlight was that my mom’s sister, who is one of my prayer partners, came for a two week visit. Unfortunately, my parents did have several health challenges this last year, but we’ve had many praying friends… Even when it looked like my mom wasn’t going to be able to hand out the beautiful Christmas treat bags she had worked so hard on for months, God strengthened her, and she, I, two of my nieces and a friend were, a few days before the 25th, able to hand them out downtown at the bus stops. That was a big blessing!

Also, I’ve been very thankful for two different friends who have invited me often to ride their horses, though I realize I’m not as brave as I used to be, especially when we’ve done some training of one of the young fillies. Hiking has been a bit of a stress on the knees, but I’m thankful to my husband, and others, for going on treks with me to many different sites. I’ve loved viewing God’s beautiful creation of landscapes and trees and lakes.

Below are some photos from our year.

with love,

Mrs. B Prayed

July 28, 2017

Last Sunday, after hearing the mission’s report by my friend’s daughter at their church and visiting other friends, including at the nursing home, I visited Mr. and Mrs. B at their home where they’ve lived most of their nearly 65 years of marriage. I’m always asking my prayer partners to be praying for the Bs and for them to get into right relationship with Jesus and that day was no exception. I was excited to announce that evening that Mrs. B had finally humbled herself to pray for forgiveness and salvation!!!

Mr. B had repeated a prayer after me several months ago to receive from the Lord forgiveness and salvation but Mrs. B had still, over the months (including over the last 17 years that I’ve known them), refused to do so. I’ve been out to the country to visit them several times this year, but each time she still declined to pray. Last Sunday I had a small feeling that “today was the day”. I greeted and hugged Mr. B when I entered their house and a few minutes later I went into their kitchen where Mrs. B was sitting at the table huddled under the cuddly mint green blanket I’d given her for her 87th birthday in January.

I hugged Mrs. B and asked her how she was doing and she said something like “puny” or “pitiful” (two words she often uses). The poor thing has already been on hospice for a brain tumor all of 2017, and a week ago Wednesday when I’d called, I’d found out she has pneumonia. (Their three kids have been taking turns caring for her all year and they have a hospice nurse as well as a woman who comes in to cook and clean.)

Mr. B came into the kitchen and sat down with us and they then told me about their night before –that Mrs. B could barely breathe and they’d had to call the nurse at almost midnight who came from a half hour away to adjust her breathing machine. The nurse was a help but both Mr. and Mrs. B stressed to me how much Mrs. B had wished she could just die.

Mrs. B said it again to me, “I really would rather be dead.”

I stroked her back and arm and said after a pause, “But we don’t die, you know.”

The Bs both nodded and I went on: “Our spirits immediately go to one place or the other.”

They nodded in agreement again so I gently said to Mrs. B, “Don’t you want to make the choice to go to Heaven instead of Hell?”

Shockingly, Mrs. B, this time, said, “Yeah. But I don’t think God can forgive me because I’ve been so mean.”

“But that is why we need a Savior,” I responded. “And because of Him God will forgive anything.”

She nodded.

“Besides, Mr. B has been mean too.” It was a half-joke and I added, “And so have I.”

They gave a slight laugh and then I asked, “Do you want to pray a prayer after me?”

“Yes,” was Mrs. B’s answer.

I hugged Mrs. B tighter and my tears began flowing as we began to pray and Mrs. B asked God to grant her His forgiveness and salvation, and to be in eternity with Him. I saw, after we had prayed, that Mr. B was wiping away some tears too. I was so, so relieved and so grateful to the Lord for His power and compassion and mercy and ability to bring a stubborn sheep to salvation!

“My daughter is trying to love Jesus too,” Mrs. B said after we’d prayed.

That surprised and gladdened me because it seemed that this “heathen” family could maybe all turn to the Lord eventually. How good God is!

I stayed talking with Mr. and Mrs. B about an hour more, several times getting up to get ice cubes from the freezer to give to her to chew on as she requested. Then when she started getting sleepy, I prayed with them for God’s comfort and strength and continued mercy, took two photos of us together, hugged them tightly, and left. As I drove away, I cried some more with relief and said, “God, now You are going to take her.” I felt that He was saying to my spirit that the very next day she would go quickly downhill.

Well, today as I was halfway through writing this post, I decided to call the Bs. Their son answered and he told me that Mrs. B had been okay Monday morning, but in the afternoon had suddenly and greatly worsened. Morphine had been given to her and she went to sleep and hasn’t woken up since. Their son said that her vitals are okay but she is breathing on one lung and that her kidneys and bowels have shut down. The doctor has given her less than a week to live, but I pray the Lord takes her in His compassionate and perfect timing. Maybe today or tomorrow.

For some reason I’ve been shedding a lot of tears since this news today. I guess maybe because I’m so un-nerved to think that had I not been obedient to the Lord, I would be devastated beyond words to know that Mrs. B had never prayed to ask the Lord to forgive her and save her. Yet what huge, huge relief to be able to believe that she has escaped Hell because she DID pray, willingly and sincerely, this last Sunday! Yet she escaped by only one day!!! ONE day! It’s scary.

I keep thinking, “What if…?” What if my friend hadn’t invited me to her church to hear the mission report? What if not wanting to take the two hour drive to that church would have kept me from going out to the country on Sunday? What if I’d chosen to take time to visit too many others and not the Bs? What if I’d not mentioned eternity when the Bs mentioned that Mrs. B had wished for death in her misery? What if I’d not been gentle enough or courageous enough in my actions, expressions, and words? What if she had said “No” –again?

But she didn’t say no. She said “Yes.” And she prayed very sweetly after me as I led her in the simple prayer of asking Jesus to forgive her and save her.

I am so, so, so glad and relieved to be able to look forward to being with both the Bs in Heaven. Because God is faithful and exceedingly merciful and, even though I vigorously teach that obedience and knowing the Lord is essential (1 John 2:3-6 w/ John 17:3), God’s mercy, we gratefully know, triumphs over judgement (Ja. 2:13) for those who unify themselves with Him even at the very last hour of their lives. (Mt. 20:1-16)

Praise be to the Lord who has heard, and worked, and answered, and saved!

with love,

P.S.  Exactly 22 minutes after I posted this, I got a text at 5:49 p.m. that Mrs. B has passed away.

Thankful For Home

November 24, 2016

Our family had a lovely Thanksgiving today –we had a wonderful meal, played a board game, and hiked a long trail through the wooded hills amid perfect sun-shiny weather. There is much for us to be thankful for to the Lord. Much. Definitely. And I could list tons of them.

But one thing, tonight, that all of a sudden struck me that I should be, and am, thankful for is our home. I was standing in the kitchen and my eyes were “opened” to really see this home of ours. It’s cozy. It’s ours. The Lord has provided it for us. We’ve been here almost three years, and yes, I sometimes miss the ranch, but I love this place now, and it is way more than most people have. Even those who live in mansions may not have all that we have –peace of mind, decent health, all our family loving Jesus, and so much more.

I looked at the big refrigerator. Many in the world don’t have one. I looked at the plants, the floor, the sink. I thought of the fact that we have electricity and light that comes on with the flick of a switch and have plumbing and running water –things we didn’t always have while growing up, and which many in the world have never had. I looked at the toaster –it’s a luxury, though I think most Westerners forget that. And ovens? Luxuries also, and we have two at this house!

Well, I could go on, but those are some of the things I noticed in the space of a few seconds. I do thank the Lord daily for all sorts of things, but often I forget the more “mundane” things, things that to go without could be quite frustrating.

The Lord is good. His faithfulness and mercy never ceases. His kindness and His power can be seen everywhere. The blessings He gives us are too numerous to count. Should we not be exceedingly grateful? Should we not thank Him throughout each day? We should. Including for the gift of a home.

with love,

Swimming & Hiking In Idaho

September 2, 2016

Below is one more set of photos I’m sharing of my vacation to Idaho this month. I stayed with my parents at the same camp I stayed with them at in Idaho two years ago before we went on to Yellowstone. I love the scenery in that area of the country! God has made such a stunning creation for us to enjoy.

The Lord had several very intriguing people cross paths with me who I was able to share my faith with, both on my flights there and back, and also while staying there. I kept thinking of how valuable every person is to God, even those who do not (yet) know Him. With every person I talked with, I had the impression that God was wooing that person to Himself and that I was just one step in the process. Some I talked with at length and shared the full Gospel with and the reason I believe it. With others I just dropped a few “seeds”, hoping that they would engage, but even with those who didn’t, I will continue to pray that God brings people and events into their lives to show them the Truth so that they will be saved.

I remember that many years ago my dad had two verses on their bathroom mirror that he was memorizing. It was this: “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” (Col. 4:5,6) These are commands for us, everywhere we go, near or far.

with love,

Spokane River where we swam on 8/21/16, a few hundred feet from our rented cabin.

We went sight-seeing 8/21/16; My dad, Bayview, 25 miles N of Coeur d’Alene.

8/22/16, early morning, my mom and I went for a hike around the hill by our cabin.

Me, and Spokane River and lagoon in background, 8/22/16

My mom and our cabin up ahead, 8/22/16

My dad starting out on the Tubbs Hill hike along the Coeur d’Alene Lake. 8/22/16, late afternoon

I went with him. (It’s a mouse in the moose’s antlers!)

My dad looking at the lake view.

Beautiful coastline

Rugged beauty!

Yes, I climbed down there, and it’s much steeper than it looks in the photo.

My dad overlooking a cliff, also much higher than appears in the photo.

Me by another cliff

Shot toward the sun from Tubbs Hill

Next morning, 8/23/16, at the camp, watching my niece and nephew swim

The camp beach of the Spokane River is so pretty! (8/23/16)

Violet, Jenny, me, and my mom watching them swim, 8/23/16

My dad and me, on another hike around the lagoon, 8/23/16 afternoon

A cross on the hill across the lagoon from our cabin, 8/23/16

My parents in front of our cozy cabin. (8/23/16, evening)

Two evenings ago I arrived back home from being in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for a week where we attended my sister’s oldest daughter’s wedding. It was wonderful and I heard several remark that even though almost all brides are lovely, Jillian was the most beautiful bride they’d ever seen. Below are some pictures and everyone can decide for themselves.

Unfortunately, heavy rains in Dallas prevented my brother and two of his children from being able to fly out, even though they tried twice. However, his wife (Ruth) and son (Kael) had gone on a flight several hours before and so they made it. My husband did not go either for a number of reasons. But, the rest of us were there and it was a happy and Christ-honoring wedding. The vows, which they wrote themselves, were quite something –so sweet, so full of commitment and selflessness. Oh, that we all could vow such things and hold to them!

Jillian and Brent met their first day of college on the east coast because both were in the honors program. They were friends among a circle of friends until Jillian’s junior year when they decided to take their relationship further. Both of them love academia and Brent is a Math and Science wiz while Jillian is a Sociology major. Both of them love Jesus and have hearts and actions that reach out to the down-trodden.

We are all very grateful for God’s kindness and amazing ability to lead two very precious people –living on opposite sides of the country– to meet each other, love each other, and commit to one another for the furtherance of good in the world. May the Lord favor them all their lives and help them bring glory to His name.

Love and prayers,

8/18/16 –My mom, Violet, and Jillian, two days before Jillian’s wedding

8/18/16 –My dad with Lincoln (the bride’s brother)

8/19/16 –Rehearsal day, and this is Jillian’s bouquet she made out of brooches everyone contributed

8/19/16 –Jillian with friends and with sisters, Violet and Clementine

8/19/16 –My sister (Jenny) and me

8/20/16 An hour before the wedding: My parents and Clementine

8/20/16 –Violet and her grandma

Ruth (my brother’s wife) and Jenny (mother of the bride)

Jenny and me before the wedding ceremony

8/20/16 –Jillian and Brent presented as husband and wife (Brent’s brother & dad were the groomsmen)

Ceremony ending

Wow! They look happy and excited, to say the least.

Best friends and happy couple

An emotional hug of brother and sister after Lincoln gave his toast speech

Jillian and Brent’s first dance being married

Jillian and her dad (a pastor and the one who married them) dancing

Beautiful Jenny, mother of the bride, watching her husband and daughter dance

Cousins, Kael and Lincoln

Beautiful Jillian talking with guests

Me between the bride and groom