Taken 10/21/17

This blog has been set up for this purpose: To edify and exhort the Body of Christ — that we may grow in the knowledge of Him and His Word, and be strengthened to boldly, lovingly, and in Truth, proclaim the glorious Gospel –all for the honor of our Shepherd and soon-coming King.

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395 Responses to “About / Photo / Comments”

  1. smilesback Says:

    Another post for you, Randy, posting in a few minutes.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Rachel I read your articles. Now I am asking you again, Rachel are you sinless? Your articles say we have died to sin. You said how sinless are we to be? 95 percent? How many sins are we allowed a day? Etc.. etc.. Now I need to know , Rachel are YOU sinless. It is simple. Just tell us, Yes or No.

  3. smilesback Says:

    I just posted my reply to you –today’s post.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I have now read a lot of your articles. You are claiming to be sinless! I’m gonna ask again, RACHEL, are you SIN FREE? Yes or No.

  5. smilesback Says:

    Here are three of my articles that hopefully can answer your question:




    Please read these thoughtfully and prayerfully. Then let me know how you would summarize my answer, and if you still need clarification, I will try to clarify more –if you can persuade me that you genuinely want to understand rather than that you are just trying to harass me.


  6. Randy Says:

    I’ll ask again. Rachel, are you sin free?????!
    If you are, ok. If not how are you saved??

  7. smilesback Says:

    All the issues and Scriptures you bring up I have already addressed many times at my blog. I do appreciate that you are reading my posts, and if you are doing so with a humble heart, are genuinely trying to understand the Truth, and are reading God’s Word meditatively under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit, you will come to realize what I am consistently trying to point out and warn about.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been reading your posts and know you THINK you are sinless. Rachel please repent and believe the Gospel!!! You like me all are a sinner!! How can you not get it?? You need Jesus and Him alone! Don’t be like the people who Jesus turns away who claim they are saved by works! For we maintain we are saved by grace APRART from works!!! All of Rachel’s works are FILTHY rags!! Repent Rachel before it’s too late! In Christst’s holy name, Randy.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Rachel what did Paul mean when He taught Women should keep their mouths shut in church and let their husbands explain things at home? I mean since y’all the weak sex? Was He a heretic like Steve Brown? You are preaching, a woman, and claim to follow Gods word, but you don’t. I’m confused with all the scripture you quote but leave some scripture alone. Why? Randy

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you Rachel, you like me wake up every morning and submit my body, mind and soul to Lord Jesus. I don’t understand how people like Steve Brown can still sin. I’m like you Rachel I am sin free!! Praise the Lord for people like us. Romans ch. 7 should not be in bible. Jesus died for sin to be removed NOT for so called “christians” who have no power over sin. Just like king David who had multiple wives, murdered people who were innocent that He killd to the point God would not let Him build the Temple. I know Rachel that God said He was a man after His own heart but God must have been confused. King David wrote Psalms while He was having sex with multiple wives.(he also had women in her em)!! I’m glad that you can point out to people that people like Steve Brown read bible see these things and dare say that people can be saved by believing that Jesus paid it all. What utter heresy!!! I know how you feel!! Believe me, a person who is saved cannot sin!! Thank you for leading people to the truth. Jesus died to make us sin free. Love in His name , Randy.

  11. smilesback Says:

    Why do you sound angry? Do you not want Jesus to set people free from sin?

    Have you read my posts? That you cannot understand that my name is not Sarah seems to confirm that once you get an idea in your head, you continue in that idea even if the falsehood of it is obvious.

    Well, anyway, I just wrote to a friend whose name is Michael, and what I wrote to him will post in a few minutes, so I encourage you to read that post carefully and humbly.

    Also, I have studied the doctrine of Christ’s righteousness imputed to us. The Truth is not what many teach about it, and I have written about it in the past on this blog, which post/s you can easily find, I’m sure.


  12. Randy Says:

    He who does what is sinful is of the devil. Again,Sarah since you have been saved, have you sinned????? I’ll help you Sarah. YES YOU HAVE and do so on a daily basis!! Study doctrine of imputation

  13. Randy Says:

    All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god

  14. Randy Says:

    A R E YO U S IN FREE????????? You quote Matt. We must keep the law. Do you keep the law.? Are you sin free? Or do you need Jesus’s righteousness imputed to you?? Which??

  15. Randy Says:

    Are you really “sin free” ??

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