I continue to share God’s Word downtown at the train and bus stops every week and have many, many wonderful conversations with people who ask good questions, listen thoughtfully, and often ask for prayer that they can be delivered from sin, like addictions, and from anger, anxiety, etc. It is such a joy to have the Holy Spirit’s power and help to share with boldness and love, and to see Him give me the right verses and words for each person. It is truly exciting! The Lord honors our faith and our obedience!

My mom and I worked on Easter treat bags and handed them out the Thursday before Easter. Below are two photos of us with the treat bags and filled plastic eggs about to start walking with our loaded cart. Thank you so much for those who gave some money to us for the items inside the little bags and eggs. One friend donated 100 small metal crosses, and we put each on a string with some pretty beads. We also used the money for bookmarks with verses on them, including the Ten Commandments, and of course added candy and even small sticks of beef jerky. We also included the rest of the pocket calendars that a faithful friend donates to us every January. We also put in encouragement stickers and magnets, sometimes a very small toy, and some other miscellaneous things.

1. My dear, faithful mom (3/29/18)

2. Me (3/29/18)

I went again the next day –Good Friday– by myself and handed out my home-written tracts, as I do every week (–different messages every time). Here are a few of the texts I texted to prayer partners afterwards, with some names eliminated for privacy:

~~Report on 4/9/18: Witnessing today went well and thank you for praying! Please pray for D___ as his live-in girlfriend ditched him a week ago and then blocked him from being able to call her and he feels so sad, particularly because they had started out praying together and reading the Bible and going to church together. I gently reminded him that they had stepped out of God’s blessing by rebelling against His laws about purity. I encouraged and exhorted him at least half an hour and he listened very intently and I prayed twice with him. Please pray for a woman with a nine-month-old baby in a stroller and she listened soberly and asked me to pray for her and I did not get to pray with her because somebody was right then wanting to get a shirt. Her name is Lacey. I had brought my cart and about 25 men’s shirts that my mom’s friend Thara had given me to hand out, and I finally got to do that today. One man chose to take a Bible and several women took a shirt for someone they wanted to give it to. One woman took a bag of donuts I gave to her and her child. A man named James was real sweet and said his clothes got stolen and asked that I would pray that he gets a pair of pants. Please pray for a woman named Tina who has taken my tracts several times. She asked about my mom. Nina, a homeless woman asked for prayer that she get a better pair of shoes. I gave out two of my handmade bracelets also. Please pray for Johnny and Bobby who I’ve talked with before. Please pray for T___ who I had been praying for yesterday and I saw today. He and C___ were evangelists down there about six years ago and they got involved in false doctrine [Calvinism] and turned to sin and quit evangelizing. I got to talk with T___ today, though! Please pray that he and C___ come back to the Truth. I had evangelized C___ many times about 10 years ago before he became a Christian. Rachel

~~4/16/18: Prayer Partners, Thank you for your prayers. Downtown witnessing today was really good. Tons of good conversations. Please pick some of these to say a prayer for please: Bruce and Opal were two people together that I met and they asked for prayer and so I prayed for/with them. I said I would ask others to pray for them. Another was a woman, Rosa, who did not know English very well and she was crying hard on my shoulder as I hugged her. It was something about her sister and I couldn’t tell if it was that her sister had been killed in Mexico or deported there. But she was encouraged by what I told her about prayer. I also saw J____ who Brian and I had given the blankets to in December because he was in a tent in his ex-wife’s backyard. He said that a month later he got an apartment and a much better job and even a car, as well as a godly girlfriend and he is not drinking anymore. Please pray for him and his girlfriend. I also saw and talked with my friend Shot. Pray for him and Cindy who I’ve been friends with down there for about 15 years. I also talked with a nice looking 26-year-old who said he was an atheist but an hour later came back and talked with me for about half an hour and asked a lot of questions and listened really well. His name is Chris. Please pray for him to find the Truth. I often see Steven and he was feeling very discouraged, so please pray for him. Pray also for a guy name Steve who listened well and said that he is having trials with his family relationships. Also Howard, a homeless guy, who was so sweet. Also my friend Emmanuel. Also a woman named Elizabeth and another woman who was real excited to see what I was doing down there and her name is Emma. Another guy named Jerry that loves the Lord but is going through some big trials. There were many others, but I can’t remember them right now. Thank you so, so much! Rachel

~~Report about 4/19/18: I had a wonderful three hours downtown witnessing at the main Dart train stop and had a lot of very good conversations, exhorting and encouraging people, many who I had never met and some that I haven’t seen for a long time. It was really wild down there with a lot of people mad at each other and yelling. One of the security guards came over to me and said, “Go over there in front of the liquor store and preach to those people, because otherwise they’re about to get arrested.” So I did and most of them dispersed but two of them kept mocking me and asking dumb questions but one guy, nicknamed ____, listened somewhat well. I exhorted him, using 1 Cor. 15:33, to get away from corrupt company. Please pray for him. Later, at a different corner, a guy named Pedro was asking me questions and wants to follow the Lord he says, but says he can’t because he loves sin too much. At least he was honest. Another guy name Willy asked for prayer for his sister on chemo. Another guy named Tommy didn’t like my Hebrews 10:26 sign, but I encouraged him to read it in God’s Word, so he did on his phone, and then he soberly admitted that my sign was correct. None of these particular ones were homeless, but there were many others, and one was a homeless girl, one who had been yelling and swearing at a guy and kind of crying, and about an hour later she came and talked to me a little, but she was high on something and I tried to encourage her and she then said she had to call her dad. Pray she gets delivered. There were many, many other conversations… Thank you for all your prayers!!! Love, Rachel

Those are just a sample of things that I encounter while witnessing. Most of my mornings are spent in Bible study and my prayer ministry, and I also keep my nursing home ministry, blog ministry, and work part-time for pay. Thank you to anyone who would be led to donate at my “About” page.

with love,

A ship, carrying many people, was sinking. Many people found themselves in the water, facing certain death by drowning. But another ship appeared, and nearing the helpless people, the captain ordered that some life ropes be thrown toward them. Five people were thrown the ropes and pulled up to safety, while at least a hundred remained in the water, calling out for rescue.

“That is all we’re saving,” the captain said when his crew was about to throw the ropes out again.

The crew was aghast, but the captain repeated his statement and commanded that his ship continue on toward its destination.

“But my child is still in the water!” cried a saved woman.

“I did not have to save you,” replied the captain. “You need to be grateful that I saved some, including you. I have no obligation to save anyone. I am a king of a distant land and you, along with these others who are on my ship, as well as those left out there in the water, are all obligated to give me honor, praise, and glory for my mercy and my power and my love.”

Can any reader of this story who knows the doctrines taught in TULIP truthfully deny that this is very much like what the Calvinists teach about God? They say that God, from eternity past, has saved whoever He has chosen to save while “passing over” the rest of humankind, and this so that He might more fully display His glory. The “passing over” is actually a preset decree of damnation to these multitudes, and the honest Calvinist admits this, admitting also that Calvin did teach this in his Institutes. Yes, Calvinism does teach that God created millions of people whom He predestined to be sent to Hell, and this in order to emphasize His mercy in the saving of some. Ignoring verses such as 2 Pe. 3:9, they teach that God could have saved everyone, but deliberately chose not to do so.

Calvinism is a sick doctrine. It is a doctrine of demons. (1 Tim. 4:1) Anyone who knows the Lord personally knows that Calvinism’s god is a demon and not the True God who is completely just, righteous, fair, and loving. (Dt. 32:4 // Ps. 145:8,9 // Rom. 2:11)

Expose Calvinism. Reject it and stand against it. It is a strong delusion that is sweeping up many.

with love,

The System Is Deceitful

April 5, 2018

People, church people, and people who call themselves Christians –well, many, it seems, are building their souls on foundations that are not Christ. To be walking on the Narrow Road of Eternal Life (Mt. 7:13,14) we must be careful how we are building (1 Cor. 3:10) and careful that we are building on the True Foundation, who is Jesus Christ. (v. 11) If we are building on anyone or anything other than Him, we are not saved, even if we think we are.

What is this system that many call “church”? Is their church, and is the modern church as a whole, really building on Jesus? Or are they building on a man, a method, and/or a worldly philosophy? Are most churches striving to obey Jesus’ commands, or are they actually striving for fame, for numbers, for accolades, and for thrills? Are they trusting Jesus alone, or are they, in reality, trusting a community and a system? Is their hope truly set on Christ and knowing Him, or is their hope set on a church and on the people they know?

What is this church stuff all about? Is it about Jesus? If it is, it is about obeying Him, it is about preaching the Gospel across the earth with all the fervor we have, going, and supporting those who go. It is about dying daily and letting Christ rule us 24/7. (Luke 9:23-25 // Rom. 8:9 // 2 Cor. 5:15) It is about making disciples, meaning teaching people to obey everything Christ commanded. (Mt. 28:19) It is about insisting that all who claim to be following Christ must really follow Him (John 10:27,28) and behave the way He did (1 John 2:6) –meaning being perfect, as God is perfect. (Mt. 5:48)

But, is this being taught within the church walls, from seminaries, and in the pages of “Christian” books? Jesus told us to repent and believe the Good News (Mark 1:15) and follow Him. (v. 17) What did He say He will do if we’re following Him? He said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” (Same verse)

Therefore, we must all, if we are following Jesus, become fishers of men. If we are filled with His Holy Spirit, we will definitely be compelled to do this and He will give us His words and attitude and strength and wisdom as we step forward in obedience under His guidance and power. (Mt. 5:13-16 & 9:37,38 // Acts 1:8 // Phil. 2:15,16)

But are church-goers doing this? Are they at least preparing themselves to do this, and are their church leaders even encouraging it? Half-heartedly, maybe.

What is being promoted? Well, church attendance, tithing, help with the function of the building and the programs…

It’s a twist. There’s some Truth being taught, but there is a wrong focus, there is error-filled doctrine, there is luke-warmness, there is sin. Even while they praise the Lord and claim they are following Him, they keep sinning! Will not what they’ve built be burned up? (1 Cor. 3:12-15) And will not God destroy those who continue to defile His temple? (v. 17) Each sanctified person is God’s dwelling / God’s temple (v. 16), but even if once sanctified, the defiling one will face the raging fire of God’s wrath. (v. 17 // Heb. 10:26-31)

In the wee hours of this morning, as I lay awake for several hours praying, grieving about the apostatizing church, I suddenly heard from the Lord, “The system is deceitful.” I’ve often thought of the church system as being deceptive, and I have even carried some signs about that, but this was worse. Deceit to me implies deliberate deception. It implies more than a group of people becoming deceived through foolishness or laziness. Instead, it seemed to me to be a focus on those who are deliberately orchestrating the deception and that leaders, with purpose and intent, are using, for their own gain, and especially to try to boost their own ego, a system that is in itself deceitful. Not all are doing this, but most are, or are gravitating toward doing so.

1 Pe. 4:17 warns us that God’s judgement begins with His own people. So, “If it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what will become of the ungodly and the sinner?” (v. 18) But don’t most churches teach that it is easy to be saved –in spite of God’s Word which teaches differently, as in Luke 13:24, Acts 14:22, and 2 Pe. 3:14-18? And don’t they teach that once saved, people can act sinful and ungodly and remain saved? God’s Word does not teach these things (see John 15:1-10 and Heb. 3:6-19, 4:11, 6:4-12, & 12:14 for example), but churches do. They do not teach that sowing to please the sinful nature always reaps destruction, as Gal. 5:19-21 & 6:8 state. They do not teach that the sinful nature, with its passions and desires, has, if we belong to Christ, been crucified, as Gal. 5:24 teaches, but instead they teach that we carry around the old sinful nature along with Christ’s divine nature! And this, even though 2 Cor. 5:17 says the opposite, as does 1 John 3:4-10.

People are letting others deceive them. They are allowing a deceitful system to rule them –to both delight and depress them– and to pull them away from the True Foundation who is Jesus alone. For those who allow this to continue, the end will be destruction. (2 Thes. 2:10) Because they refuse to love the Truth –to study the Word of God fervently, obey it, and follow the voice of Jesus– God will punish them by sending them “a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the Truth but have delighted in wickedness.” (v. 11,12)

Therefore, let us come out from among the defiled (2 Cor. 6:17), stop fellowshipping with the unrighteous (v. 14-16), cleanse ourselves (7:1 // Ja. 4:8), submit to God fully, completely, and with finality (Ja. 4:7), and humbly accept and obey the Word which can save us. (1:21 // Luke 6:46-49)

with love,