God’s Word: Eternal Truth & Highest Authority

February 21, 2018

All of God’s Word endures forever and is, in the original, completely true and error-free. Believing this, and putting it into practice, is what it means to be a true Christian. The finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 has showed us that God’s Word is indeed eternal and fixed and that He has preserved His Word as He promised. (Ps. 119:89 // 1 Pe. 1:25) Problems, therefore, in translation, or with versions that are inferior, are no excuse for us to not understand what God has revealed in His Word / what He has said, and especially when we have the internet where we can not only compare the numerous versions’ translations, but can easily look to see what the individual Hebrew and Greek words mean. (I use biblehub.com, but there are others as well.)

So what are we to make of Genesis chapters 1-11 while many “Christians” / “Bible-believers” are telling us to write those chapters off as myth or as meaning something different than what it says? Should we let those who have been influenced by the world’s philosophies dictate the Truth to us, or should we value the Word of God as the ultimate authority and let it speak for itself? I would hope we’d agree we are to do the latter.

I love God’s Word, and I expect other Christians to love it as well. I also enjoy science, and I have never considered the two to be in conflict with one another, including when I took Physical Science and Biology in high school and Geology, Physics, Anthropology, etc. in college. What is in conflict with God’s Word is evolutionism, a belief system / religion that has come about through those who choose to believe that God is either non-existent or uninvolved in our universe. However, knowing this while studying the sciences, the true Christian (the Christ-the-Word-follower) should have little difficulty sifting out the textbook information that is based on belief and that which is truly factual.

If we study real science, we can see that it fits in well with what God has told us in His Word, including in Genesis chapters 1-11, and we do not have to twist anything. In fact, believing that the Word of God is infallible aids our studies of science, while believing the lie of evolutionism builds confusion (or denial of the obvious) in the person observing the truth and the complexities of God’s amazing creation. So why would a Christian who claims to believe God’s Word attempt to subjugate God’s Word under the authority of men’s words?

But, appallingly, many “Christians” are doing just this. Yet what does that reveal about them? Are they truly believing the Word of God? And if a person doesn’t believe the Word of God, doesn’t that make them an unbeliever, one outside of the Light? (Isa. 8:20) At best, they are certainly being inconsistent –when they say they believe and love God’s Word yet disbelieve the portions that don’t harmonize with their worldview. Can they be the ones to determine which parts of God’s Word are inerrant and which parts are not? Is it okay with God if people change His words to mean what those words are not saying, even if it’s because they think their teaching will be more palatable for those who are skeptical about the Scriptures? Does allegorizing historical narrative really help bring people to believe in Jesus and His words? Most evolutionists would laugh at such hypocrisy.

Telling people that Genesis chapters 1-11 are myth, or that the words have been changed over the years, or that it’s been “written to fit in with the culture of ancient man” is not God-honoring, nor is it the truth. Definitely any so-called “Christian” who teaches such things should go back and meditatively read and study the Bible, for throughout its pages it repeatedly supports the factuality / the history of Genesis chapters 1-11.

God’s Word is true. It is without errors. It is our Authority for life and truth. All of it.

with love,

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