Especially About My Downtown Ministry, Would You…?

February 4, 2018

This last Friday, while downtown evangelizing at the train and bus stops with my signs and tracts, I had many good conversations again about God’s Word. Of course there also often seems to be one or two (or more) who want to express their “knowledge” of why the Bible is full of errors or pontificate about the evil actions, throughout history, perpetrated by certain others. I encountered one such young man Friday, and realizing quickly that he had rewritten some history to suit his angry emotions and was looking for a scapegoat to persecute, I just walked on.

Later I met another angry man who raved on about corrupt Bible versions, but somehow I was able to disarm him enough to leave him with a smile on his face. However, less than a block on, I met another upset man who vented to me his angry disappointment in friends whose aim it was to just use him. I listened empathetically, also noticing a much younger man nearby who paced slowly up and down that half of the block, saying absolutely nothing, and with one pant leg rolled up. I think he had been trying to figure out what to do about needing a bathroom, for after coming up to stand a few feet from us, this man urinated down his leg and all over the concrete. I looked at him with pity, but he just kept staring off into space and said nothing. I prayed for him as I walked away, and I still have been praying that the Lord will deliver this particular guy from his desperately messed-up life.

One enjoyable conversation I had was with a believer in Jesus who was born, he said, in Haiti, but raised in the Dominican Republic. He was very excited to met me and thanked me for my evangelism efforts. He was sitting with a woman who knew only Spanish and he kept translating for her what I was saying. He also said that she said about me, “She is so joyful!” I immediately quoted Neh. 8:10 –“The joy of the Lord is our strength”, and I took the opportunity to explain that no matter what we are going through, if we have Christ the Lord in us, we can live in His joy, which becomes our own joy and strength. The woman, having been looking so sad, brightened greatly, her face visibly filling up with faith and hope and encouragement.

Later, as I crossed the street to another bus stop, I noticed a big homeless man smiling shyly at me before he blurted out, “Hi! Do you remember me?” I told him I did, though I think I’d not seem him for about five years. He asked me if I remembered his name and I took a guess. “Close,” he said. Then I guessed again and was right and it made him so happy. (I have prayed that I would remember people’s names, so it’s always great when the Lord helps me somehow match up the thousands of names and faces I have in my brain.) This guy told me about how last month he had told God he was rededicating his commitment to following Him and how the Lord was helping him, and that even though he was living in a tent, he was thanking God that it was near to the church he was going to.

Well, I could go on about the numerous conversations, some in-depth, some brief, I have had with people while spreading the Good News of Jesus. In fact, two different people, the last two times I’ve been down at the bus stops, have said, “You’ve been doing this down here for years!” I just answered, “Yeah,” but I could say that it has been 22 years, because it has been, and for 3-10 hours per week most weeks, weather permitting. And not only have I been holding up The Truth to the people of Dallas, I have talked to countless people from other cities, states, and countries, some who are here on business, some who are here on vacation or sightseeing.

In saying this, I’d like to let those who are reading my blog, or just this post, know that I receive virtually no financial support, except from my husband, for my ministries. Besides my evangelism ministry, I also have a prayer ministry, a nursing home ministry, and this blog, all which becomes at least 50 hours a week in ministry-related work. There have been a handful of people over the years who have given me some love gifts, but in all the 22 years, that has amounted to less than $1,000 in all. I have not received any financial gift through my blog’s “Donate” page, even though I put that up two years ago.

I don’t like to ask for a donation, and actually, if anyone offers me a few dollars downtown, I don’t take it, because I do not want people to think I’m doing ministry for any wrong motives. Instead, I give them a grateful hug for their offer and tell them I pray God blesses them 100-fold for their generosity. However, I would like to mention now, here, that I would very much appreciate if some reader out there would feel God’s leading to donate to me to help me. (I have a small elderly-care job, but it doesn’t bring in much, and to add hours means less time I have to be writing my tracts and posts, making evangelism signs, memorizing Scripture, praying for and with others, evangelizing, visiting at the nursing home, etc.)

Again, I do not like to ask for money, but I am sad concerning the burden on my husband when I believe there are people out there who could commit a small amount monthly to my ministries, or even a one-time gift. I believe my ministries are just as worthy as other ministries, and my downtown evangelism ministry is especially so being that few people are willing to go to the streets. The Lord impressed 1 Cor. ch. 9 on me some time ago, particularly verse 14 which says, “In the same way, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the Gospel should receive their living from the Gospel.” I have preached the Gospel boldly on the streets for 22 years (and before that also everywhere I went) and so I am taking the liberty to make known my need.

Thank you so much, dear Reader, for considering these things.

with love,

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