Mrs. B’s Funeral

August 5, 2017

Mrs. B’s funeral last Tuesday, which was in the country funeral home sanctuary, was exceptionally wonderful. One reason was that the preacher (Homer Morgan) gave a superb sermon –full of joy, faith, hope, the Gospel message, and Scriptures. Later, when I asked Mr. B where they had found such a great preacher, he told me that he and Homer’s dad had ‘coon hunted together! Also, after the short graveside service, when I thanked Mr. Morgan for giving such a Spirit-filled message, I learned his church is in Fruitvale and I realized I had walked with my signs in that town back about 12 years ago. I also realized that, due to another elderly couple inviting me, I had visited his church several times (though I think his dad was the preacher then).

I also learned that Mrs. B’s sister had been praying a lot for Mrs. B’s salvation, as well as had the oldest daughter who had started attending a Baptist church two years ago and whose Sunday School class had been praying too. In fact, about eight women from the class came together (from an hour away) to the funeral and they, the daughter, and Mrs. B’s sister thanked me profusely for helping Mrs. B ask God to forgive her and save her eternally. Before I left, I talked again with the oldest daughter, and also her daughter, and they cried with gratefulness when I told about how Mrs. B finally prayed that day before she went into a coma. (See my last post where I described that.) I told them, as I had told several others, that I could sure see how God was using the prayers of many, many people to save Mrs. B from an eternity without Him. No wonder we who love Jesus could rejoice at this funeral!

One other thing I thought was really special, was that the family had laid out some of Mrs. B’s 30 or more hand-stitched quilts along the backs of the sanctuary pews. I had seen several of them before, but certainly not all of them, and they sure were a display of beauty and skill! Since I had arrived there early, I tried to look at each one, and in so doing, I thought lovingly of Mrs. B, of how much I would miss her, of how thankful I was that she was no longer suffering, of how powerful and compassionate God is to save even a long-time stubborn sheep, and furthermore of how great God is to give people such incredible talents such as He did for Mrs. B in her quilting. See this photo I took:

Yes, God is so good. Again and again I thank Him for saving Mrs. B. And I thank Him that her funeral was one we believers could rejoice at and at which the marvelous Good News was presented to everyone, including to the unbelievers’ ears and hearts, if they were listening. I had asked people to be praying about the funeral to be Spirit-filled, and it was. The Lord uses any of us who are willing vessels, and I am so thankful for a remarkable small-town preacher whom God used to comfort and inspire us at the funeral of Mrs. B. Here is a link to one of his Youtube sermons:

We never know when we will die and it could be sudden. Mr. Morgan had mentioned on Tuesday the terrible tornados that had hit East Texas on 4/29/17, including Fruitvale. We know that a tornado can whip through a house and leave a person dead within seconds –yes, it can be that abrupt and unexpected. Shouldn’t we, then, never postpone being fully ready to meet The Almighty Judge? Here is a link of some of the tornado damage done in Fruitvale, Texas:

Here is another link where a woman there, who lost a lot, still gives God glory:

Here is one showing the damage in another nearby community where I’d evangelized in about 2004: As I drove in the line of cars from the funeral home to the gravesite on Tuesday, I noticed the damage there and I felt sad. Sad to think about the places and people I’ve evangelized, knowing that most probably never repented, and realizing that many have probably since died. Even so, I thought about how merciful and powerful God is, and that what He has done for the Bells, He could have done, and can still do, for anyone and everyone.

I feel so privileged to have known many precious people in East Texas, including dear Mrs. B. I am so glad to have been one vessel God used in bringing her to salvation, and feel so blessed to have consistently felt some of God’s immense, intense, incredible, supernatural love for her. I am so, so happy to be looking forward to seeing her in Heaven.

with love,

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