Joey & Rory

July 26, 2017

I drove two hours out to the country on Sunday to hear a friend’s 17 year old daughter and three others give their report in their church about the Southeast Asia mission trip they had just returned from. It was precious. Another friend who I’d invited to meet me there attended also. She and I went to lunch after and then later sat in her car to talk and pray and listen to a music CD of a couple I’d never heard of till then —Joey and Rory. That evening she sent me this song and I just listened to it today:

I went on today to also watch and listen to the very beautiful story of how this couple met and how they knew God was orchestrating it. View this:

Trying to make sense of the huge turn in their journey, listen to Rory’s words here:

Besides their stunning songs, music, and personalities, their story is extraordinary and both sad and wonderful. Here is a tribute to Joey:

And another one:

And here is a link where Rory talks at Joey’s funeral:

Their songs and story have obviously touched my heart. I hope it touches your heart also and that their courage, faith, and love encourages us in whatever we are facing.

with love,

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