Real Freedom Rests On The Truth

July 3, 2017

Hopefully, we who are Americans, are, at this Fourth of July holiday time, thanking God that we are able to live in a country that, though far from perfect, has enabled people to enjoy many freedoms. Multitudes have sacrificed their lives for us and we need to be grateful. We need to respect and uphold our laws and our constitution, and we would benefit ourselves and our country to learn the true facts of our nation’s history, especially regarding the decades surrounding 1776.

Two Sundays ago our senior pastor gave a sermon that revealed some things I did not know (or hadn’t heard about for a long time) concerning the events surrounding the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Political sermons should be rare in the pulpit, but I do think it is pertinent sometimes, so that, and particularly in this time of political unrest, people will understand the real facts about the founding of our nation. Freedom of religion alongside Christian principles from God’s Word was definitely the foundation in the formation of our Constitution. Please listen to the sermon Gary gave on June 25 by clicking here:

(My brother gave a great sermon yesterday and that can be watched or listened to by clicking at that same link.)

There is another excellent speech I would encourage everyone to watch on youtube. It’s by Trey Gowdy (Congressman from S.C.) and there he begins by asking, “Which do you value more –truth or freedom?” I value both of course, but I would certainly have said, “Truth” for there could not be real, lasting freedom without truth. But note what he says were the answers of those he asked.

Later, at about the 5:25 mark, Mr. Gowdy gives us insight into the art of persuasion, reminding us that neither insults nor hypocrisy work well. (Indeed, so why is there so much of both throughout our country?) Instead, he reminds us, that which will create an atmosphere for being persuasive is relationship –showing others that you truly care about them, and that your true concern for them is the reason why you are trying to persuade them in the first place, even while respecting their freedom to reject your viewpoint. Here is that link:

Aren’t we thankful that we live in a country that values freedom? But we have to have truth to have that freedom. God’s Word is the Truth and yes, our Constitution was formed on the basis of that.

with love,

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