Miracles This Easter Season

April 16, 2017

I’ve written here before at my blog about Mr. and Mrs. B and how I have witnessed to them often down through the years while they have continued to state, matter-of-factly, that they are going to Hell. Their resistance toward the Lord has been distressing for me, especially lately when Mrs. B, who is 87 years old, is on hospice with a brain tumor. (Mr. B is 84 years old and had colon cancer 4 years ago, but got through it.)

A bit over a year ago I noticed that Mrs. B’s health, in particular, was really beginning to fail and I began asking more and more people to pray for them, especially for their salvation. I increased my attempts to remind the Bs of the Gospel, but their hearts wouldn’t budge. However, miracles still happen. Yes, the Lord worked a miracle a week ago Saturday. What happened was this:

I visited the Bs Saturday evening, April 8th, at their home. Early in the conversation, Mrs. B had said to me, “Don’t even start,” when I asked her about what else is important at Easter besides eggs. (They have chickens and sell eggs and she had been telling me how annoyed she was at Mr. B for buying more chickens to produce more eggs.)

So we went on to talk about other things and when I got up to leave after being there about an hour, Mr. B said about his wife, “She thinks I’m going to Hell and so she doesn’t want to get saved because she says why should she go to Heaven if I’m going to Hell?” I responded that Hell is not going to be a place of fellowship with anyone. I reminded them that it is going to be a place full of loneliness, pain, and regret, a place where there is no blue sky, no gentle breeze, no flowers, and no laughter; and that an existence there will last forever. It will be the absence of God, I said, and a place full of demons. Why, I asked, would anyone choose to go to a place like that when they could go to Heaven where everything will be good and peaceful and pain-free?

As I described Hell, Mr. B was nodding in somber agreement, so, seeing belief in his face, I asked him if he was saved. He said, “Not yet, but I’m planning to.” This statement was coming from a man who had for over 15 years, along with his wife, told me that they weren’t sure if there really was a Hell and if there was, then so be it –they’d be going there and there was nothing that would change that!

Of courses upon hearing Mr. B’s words “Not yet, but I’m planning to”, I immediately took the opportunity to say, “Well, you could pray right now to be saved,” and I added that I would pray with him if he wanted. “Do you want to?” I asked. Amazingly, Mr. B nodded that he did. I was so shocked, I started crying, which I think shocked them. But I took Mr. B’s hand and prayed, while he repeated each phrase after me, asking the Lord to forgive him of his sins, cleanse him, save him, and allow him into Heaven forever. Still crying, I tried to persuade Mrs. B again, and though I noticed both she and her husband looked misty-eyed, Mrs. B still refused the Lord. I hugged her and said I would pray for her about it and that I loved them both very much.

As I drove away from their house I started crying again, so filled I was with relief and hope and joy, and I just kept thanking and thanking the Lord. And certainly, I do expect another miracle soon –that of Mrs. B’s repentance and turn to the Lord.

There is still more to this story. I sent out an email to those who may have been praying for the Bs, telling pretty much what I wrote above. Many wrote back of their feelings of excitement, thankfulness, hope, and faith. Here is one woman’s texts that especially edified me:

Absolutely! Praying!!! Will text soon, just wanted you to know about Isabella getting saved and how the B’s story helped in that!!

She is 10! She came to Church with us last weekend [April 9th] and we got to talk about communion. We had communion at Church. I baptized her in 2014. After she read the letter about the Bs I asked her when she was saved and prayed to ask for forgiveness. She did not remember! She remembered the baptism. So I asked her if she would like to pray. We held hands and I led her to ask Jesus to forgive her sins and cleanse her and make her His very own! We said thank you Abba!!!! I explained how she is God’s now and turns away from sins, always asking for His help. It was beautiful!!! Thank you Rachel for your faithful service to our Lord!

This text reminded me of how God multiplies good from our efforts, all the time. Sometimes He even lets us hear about it.

God did a miracle that first Easter by raising Jesus from the dead. But, transforming a person –who, by an act of their will, cooperates with God and steps from death to new life –well, that is another true miracle as well. Wonderfully, during this year’s Easter season, I got to have a role, however large or small, in these two miracles of salvation.

with love,

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