It can easily be seen at my blog that a few years ago I was pointing in favor to Israeliteindeed’s blog. But when in 2014 she began to aggressively and repeatedly write against the nation of Israel, I had to let it be known that I no longer endorsed her views and her writings.

Last year, though I had not communicated with her personally for two years, I felt the Lord strongly urging me to send her a note of warning. I did so, and the first email below (I use her real name) is what I wrote. She responded with a short email that let me know she was not at all concerned and that others were quite happy with what she was writing.

Less than a month later, still feeling heavily burdened concerning her continued rebellion against the Lord and His Word, I wrote a short comment at her blog asking her why she did not go overseas to minister to Muslims since she seemed so distressed for them. She did not post my comment. However, she did respond with a very lengthy personal email and some photos of her family. I thanked her for sharing and said I would write more later that day, to which she responded with another long email.

The second email below is what I wrote later that evening, and I did so after intense prayer about what to write. Sadly, she responded to this one by letting me know that she had chosen to believe that I spoke, in that email as well as in some exhortations to her years ago, by a spirit not from the Lord. With such a rebuff from her, I did not respond to her again, though needless to say, being that I knew my warnings to her were indeed from the Lord, I felt even greater alarm and sadness for her and her family.

I am certainly not happy to write this post, but it is crucial that it be recognized that God does watch to see that His Word is fulfilled (Jer. 1:12) and to recognize that God is to be feared. (Luke 12:4,5) If a Bible teacher continues to blatantly dismiss the Lord’s clear statements in Scripture even while He brings His servants to warn that teacher, there is only suffering and punishment ahead for that rebellious one. Israeliteindeed has sinned appallingly against God, against His Word, against those she was responsible to be Christ-like toward, and against other teachers who walk in the Truth and work hard to spread the Truth.

When we walk in falsehood and self-righteousness and refuse to listen to the exhortations of those who are walking in the Holy Spirit, we open ourselves up to God’s discipline. If we continue the folly, we slide ourselves backwards under God’s wrath, for in order to remain in Christ and His love we must remain in His Word / in His Truth. (John 15:1-10) Israeliteindeed has turned from this, and has relentlessly tried to get others to deny multitudes of God’s clear statements, particularly regarding the nation of Israel and the End Times.

I do grieve deeply for Israeliteindeed and her family and I have been praying for two years that God spare her (and her family members) from sliding into Hell. Unfortunately, she has so far refused the warnings and discipline God has sent her time and again through others and through circumstances. While pounding away at other people, she has refused to quit her own sins of immense self-righteousness and of blasphemy against God’s Word.

We do, and we will, pray for her husband to be healed from cancer. But Hell is infinitely worse, and Israeliteindeed, a Bible teacher who has twisted the Truth to make falsehoods, has put herself and her hearers in danger of that. (1 Tim. 4:16 // Ja. 3:1) I exhort her to remove all the posts she wrote beginning in the early summer of 2014 through August of 2016. I exhort her to remove all of them so that no more can they influence others to disbelieve Scripture. I strongly believe that only if she will do this, will God bring blessing to her instead of punishment.

Here are the two emails:

[7/9/16 at 11:24 a.m.]
I have read all your posts and am continually grieved. This morning I was very surprised to feel a strong impression from the Lord to write to you a personal note exhorting you to reevaluate your own heart and spirit. After praying, I asked the Lord to confirm in His Word if this was from Him. He did, for when I got my Bible, I opened right to Ezek. 18:24 which says, “But if a righteous man turns from his righteousness and commits sin and does the same detestable things the wicked man does, will he live? None of the righteous things he has done will be remembered. Because of the unfaithfulness he is guilty of and because of the sins he has committed, he will die.” Then immediately I saw 20:4 where God commands, “Then confront them…” Truly, your writings are not Life. They are full of anger and self-righteousness and blindness; they are, with the exception of a small bit, not of the Spirit but are instead coming from your own energy, heart, and spirit. You are falling from the Lord and His Truth. Accusing America and others of it, you are continuing your own slide toward apostasy.

I urge you to take this warning very seriously as from the Lord, which it is. We will all, before the Judge on that Final Day, be giving an account of ourselves, including the attitudes of our heart, and the words we have said and written.


[Written: 8/4/16 at 10:46 p.m.]
I woke up this last Sunday morning with you heavy on my mind –a burden from the Lord. While reading my Bible, first thing as I always do, God had me turn also to Isa. 44:21-23. Verse 22 especially jumped out at me. So I started my latest post with it, and after working on it off and on every day since Sunday, I finally finished it last night. Being you and I had corresponded, I’d also been praying throughout the day about how to respond to your long email. As I got into bed and prayed one last time about it, I heard, “Tell her, ‘Return to Me, for I have redeemed you.'” It was very, very clear.

This morning I prayed again and kept feeling it was the same answer, though it seemed the Lord was going to give me more to say to you as well. However, being He also suddenly compelled me to go witnessing downtown, I had to put off writing you back. Hence the short note this morning.

I appreciate you sharing with me the things you’ve shared in your emails this week and I am very grieved for you. After reading your email below after getting home from witnessing today, and then spending time in the Word, I went back and read some of the email you wrote to me in Dec. of ’09 where you shared about yourself, your childhood, and your turn to the Lord.

I need to tell you that during that couple of hours this afternoon in the Word, and asking the Lord for what to say to you, I heard way, way more than I expected. I asked for confirmation concerning things I’d heard from Him about you earlier this week, last week, and over the last two years, and the Lord responded today by booming them at me loudly through His Word. I was almost shaking, was having trouble breathing I was so upset, I had tears rolling down profusely, and I had to finally get up and walk around for a bit before I could continue.

I will tell you what I heard, but I do think it best if you not share our discussion with the friend who advised you to block me. I have never blocked anyone in my life, either at my blog, phone, or email, as I believe that is cowardly and immature. There are other ways to tell someone we don’t wish to correspond with them anymore. “Those who oppose us we are to gently instruct” (see 2 Tim. 2:25), not block them because they rebuke us using the Word of God.

It is God’s deep and faithful love that compels us to keep trying to woo people to Him and His Truth. Again when I say it to you from Him I get tears: “Return to Me, for I have redeemed you.”


Here is Israeliteindeed’s post yesterday:

with love,

This last Thursday afternoon, I handed out, at the bus and train stops downtown, the rest of the stack of pocket calendars two different people had given my mom and me. (My mom is putting some in with the Valentine treat bags we’re working on.) So, with the calendars, my tracts, and my signs, mixed with the prayers of several of my praying partners, it turned out to be an extra wonderful time of witnessing.

During my third hour there I noticed a homeless-looking guy standing a ways from me, reading aloud some writing in the cement. After watching him for a few minutes and wondering if he was too nutty to approach, I remembered Christ considered everyone worth the try, so I moved closer to him and asked him if he wanted a calendar. He took one and then he did talk with me about the Lord (though I had a lot of trouble understanding his speech). At one point, I asked him if he had asked Jesus to forgive him of his sins and save him. He responded by hanging his head and saying, “I’ve told Him I’m very sorry for all the bad things I’ve done.” When I offered him a good-size New Testament, he grabbed it eagerly and immediately began reading it, and quite loudly. He read Matthew chapters 5-7, then First Peter, and then he began in Revelation. I kept “Amen-ing” his reading and sometimes when he’d pause, I’d say, “You have such a great reading and preaching voice!”

It truly was a big blessing to me as we stood together, and I relished the time with him, thinking, “This is really great. What a way to shine the Light on this corner as people see me with my signs and holding up my Bible, and see and hear this guy reading the Word of God loud and clear. One guy in a wheelchair seemed to appreciate it as he wheeled himself up to us, took out his pocket Bible, sat there listening, and then wanted me to show him all my signs and explain them. My reading friend just kept right on reading –nice and loud. I thought it was fantastic.

Earlier, on another corner, a guy I recognized from last year came up real joyful and happy and said that my prayer a year ago had really helped him and delivered him from the demons that had been harassing him. He told me that when he had walked to another bus stop that hour, a woman had said, “I see the anointing on you,” and he had told her, “Well, a lady just prayed for me!” I, of course, was very happy and encouraged to hear this testimony and to watch him bubbling with joy as we talked more about the Lord and the victory we have as we walk in His Spirit while applying the Word.

There were other precious affirmations besides these last Thursday. Another was a woman who I had seen a couple of months ago, and this time again she came up very glad to see me, to tell me what is going on in her life, and to talk about the Lord. Her faith and determination in the face of persecution was inspirational.

There was also a young man who, though he seemed to be slightly handicapped mentally and who was with those who appeared to be his parents, was also noticeably excited to tell me that he loves Jesus and lives his life by Gal. 2:20, which we then proceeded to quote together.

Of course not all of my conversations were this positive. Like one of the first guys I talked to –shaking his dreadlocks, he repeated over and over, emphatically, that he had lost his faith because he could no longer believe that God exists. This, he said, is what must be the case being that there is so much evil and suffering in the world. I tried to encourage him and exhort him and explain how DNA proves there is a Creator, and I also reminded him that this life is a testing ground where God looks for truly committed hearts. I spent considerable time with this 36 year old man and, though he did seem to keep wanting to listen and have me try to convince him, he also seemed bent on sticking to his complaints and doubts.

Well, there were a lot more encounters, but suffice it to say, it was another wonderful time evangelizing for the Lord and for the furtherance of His Kingdom. I pray the privilege never ends.

with love,

It has been quite the year already. Today though, thankfully, we have good news that the Paris Peace Conference, which, though it seemed posed to sign Resolution 2334 against Israel, has been shown to be a dud. Read here:

A few days ago someone sent me a link to a prophecy teacher who describes the significance of a resolution such as the UN Resolution 2334, being passed. See this:

For more Biblical background explaining these current events as they line up with Bible prophecy, see this:

Truly, one day Satan will get the whole world to turn again Israel and the nations will gather in war against her. Yes, even now we see the obsession that so many have against that tiny nation and the eternal city, Jerusalem. As the LORD “declares: ‘I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling.” (Zech. 12:2) Indeed, the reeling, the staggering, the anger, the obsession, has spread across the globe and many have been infected. But, the Lord promises that those who come against His chosen city will only injure themselves. (v. 3) In fact, the Lord promises that He Himself will strike all the attacking nations with madness, blindness, and injury, but to deliver and cleanse His people, His land, and His city. (12:4-13:2)

It is about that tiny nation. Because God, long ago, claimed it as His own.

with love,

It astounds me that there seem to be so many people that teach and believe a certain doctrine that ruins families and harms individuals to a greater extent than they’ve already been harmed. It is the doctrine that teaches that remarriage to another spouse is continuous adultery and thus, in order to inherit eternal life, such married people must divorce, must try to remarry their first spouse (even if he or she is remarried), and if that is not possible, then to remain unmarried (to anyone) till death. Or, if they do want to remain married to their present spouse, they must live in separate bedrooms and both be completely celibate. One of the promoters of this devastating and false doctrine comes out of the Church of Christ.

It seems remarkable that such a doctrine can be taken seriously, especially when one considers all the other sins Christians have committed in the past and yet believe they have been forgiven of by God without having made amends for them all. But, if sexual sin is, as the legalists seem to think, the worst sin, then what about those who were promiscuous before marriage and became “one flesh” with someone before he or she married that person, or even before he or she married someone else?! Marriage, in God’s eyes, is not merely a vow, but a consummation of two becoming one flesh. Shouldn’t, then, the Church of Christ also say that any formerly promiscuous person must divorce their present spouse, go back and find and marry that first person they had sex with, or otherwise remain celibate? Would that not be the correct teaching if they want to be consistent in their doctrine?

The reality is, is that people usually do not divorce on a whim. They have reasons. Often good reasons. And usually they have tried and tried to work it out. Generally the majority of the fault does lie with one partner –the one who is sinning and refuses to repent. –The one who refuses to love and behave as Christ would, but instead assassinates his spouse’s character, peace, and well-being. And why? Because just like murderous Cain, who belonged to the evil one, the sinning person is wicked and the other person is righteous. (1 John 3:12) In other words, it is because evil people, while really hating themselves, rather prefer to cast their hate at easy prey who are more righteous than them.

In such situations should it not be realized that the vows of marriage have already been broken and that the persecuted man or woman is therefore not bound in such circumstances? (1 Cor. 7:15) Indeed, “God has called us to live in peace.” (Same verse)

So, if there is continued, unrepentant abuse or addiction, then there has been a breaking of the marriage covenant, just as adultery or any unfaithfulness breaks it. Certainly abuse is to break the “caring, cherishing, honoring” vow, and addiction, too, would fracture that vow, as well as there being lying involved, which would have already ruptured the “one flesh” covenant.

Without a doubt, unless there is repentance (full change) from illegal, unlawful, and/or dishonoring behavior, there can no longer be true fellowship / marriage / oneness. When God has to keep watching any continued cruelty, deceit, or poison, is that fair for either spouse to allow something to continue that is so displeasing to Him? Of course not. This does not mean divorce must happen, but certainly no one should enable that which is displeasing to God. Some sort of measures must be taken to make the wickedness stop.

Some Church of Christ type people may agree that a toxic marriage must end but they will also stick with their belief that the divorcees cannot marry anyone else, lifelong. Truly, even after divorce, the rest of us believe it is probably best to wait a few years to see if there is repentance. But regardless, everyone must permit the divorcee to listen to the Lord herself; for God, who is merciful and who does speak to His children, will guide the divorcees in what He plans or allows for them personally. God knows some people are weaker (financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc.) than others, and He is compassionate in this. Only the Lord knows, not others, all the facts surrounding why a couple divorced, and why they remarried other spouses; so whatever sin God has forgiven the truly repentant, the rest of us must forgive also.

Even so, many people seem to be listening to the legalists and are thus going through great distress as they try to decide whether or not they must divorce their present spouse, even though their second marriage is otherwise fine or even wonderful. Honestly, it is heart-breaking to listen to the turmoil these Church of Christ types have brought upon already hurting, but conscientious, individuals as they insist on further family break-ups.

In my opinion, it does seem that many people are harder on themselves (or on others) than the Lord is. I think of 1 John 3:15 that says that “no murderer has eternal life in him.” But Moses murdered. (Ex. 2:12) And yet God called him to lead a nation out of bondage, did many mighty miracles through him, knew him face to face like no other prophet (Dt. 34:10-12), and had him appear with Elijah to talk with Jesus on the mountain. (Mt. 17:3) God mightily used and honored this former murderer and gave him His presence, all indicating that God pardoned Moses for his sin.

The same could be noted about Paul. Paul was party to the death of Stephen and rounded up Christians to imprison them. (Acts 8:1-3) Yet Paul became a mighty servant of Christ. We do not see him making physical amends to each family he harmed, but instead saying, “But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 3:13,14) This, I believe, should be everyone’s attitude wherever they are at (spiritually), every day. And it should be the way we view everyone else who is genuinely straining to follow Christ daily.

Legalists should remember Ja. 2:10,11: “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. For He who said, ‘Do not commit adultery,’ also said, ‘Do not murder.’ If you do not commit adultery but do commit murder, you have become a lawbreaker.” The verses before this are reminding us about the law of love and that if we do not love correctly, we are lawbreakers. Then verse 13 goes on to say that “judgement without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful.” And that verse ends with, “Mercy triumphs over judgment!” This last phrase is a huge reason for all who have sinned (everyone) to rejoice! The whole passage is speaking about love, and judgment, and law, and if we are unsure of how to interpret it, we can use other Scripture verses to help us. Such as Gal. 5:18, “But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under law”, and 1 John 4:12, “but if we love each other, God lives in us.”

Indeed, anyone who is truly repentant about anything, including divorcees who have remarried other spouses, should be viewed by the rest of us as the Lord views that person: Forgiven, and people He wants to use, both as couples and as individuals.

Church of Christ types, though they have some excellent leads about opposing OSAS, are nonetheless, legalists. And legalism is not Christ’s way at all. Let us, therefore, help silence their doctrine by which they, in the name of Christ, “are disrupting whole households.” (Titus 1:11)

To read what I wrote several years ago about this issue, click here:

with love,