Even Something Small Can Turn On The Light

December 29, 2016

This year, as usual, two different people gave me a couple hundred 2017 pocket calendars to pass out while witnessing. Yesterday I gave these out, used four different signs, and conversed with numerous individuals concerning the Lord, His ways, and His Word. May the Lord shine brightly His Truth, His Light, and His mercy on all those who took a step closer to Him.

Though I very rarely encounter an atheist, or even an agnostic (though maybe they are the ones who pretend I don’t exist as they walk past me), the very last guy I crossed paths with, and this as I was walking back to my car, was presumably of such persuasion. For when I spoke to him, pointing to the Bible I was holding, he shook his head, saying, “Nawwww.” I then asked him what his religion is, and in broken English he said he had none. I reminded him about DNA and that there most certainly must be a Creator. –And that He sees everything and that we are accountable to Him. This communication all happened within the space of about a minute. As our paths separated and I pointed up to the sky, saying, “The Creator”, the man seemed suddenly convicted as he acknowledged with a sincere, “Ohhhh, yeah!” that he understood my warning to him and was taking it to heart. I pointed again at my Bible and waved good-bye, then called back, “Happy New Year!” He smiled and responded with the same.

This type of very short conversation would usually strike me as insignificant / unsuccessful. But when that thought came to me as I went on to my car, I thought, “No, I can pray that it is not insignificant. I can pray that the Lord uses it and brings that man to the Truth and Salvation.” And I have indeed prayed this many times.

The point is this: Just one minute of something we say, can, by the help of God’s Holy Spirit, “turn the lightbulb on” for someone. I mean, it appeared that one minute the guy was an agnostic and that the next minute he was acknowledging that there is a Creator, that the Creator could see him and knew all about him, that the Creator was going to hold everyone, including him, accountable for all actions, words, and thoughts, and that he had better look into the Word of God for himself. Of course I’m not sure all the guy’s thought processes, but I should, and do, have faith that something supernatural took place in that one minute. –And that mixed with the power of prayer, that man did have an encounter, however small, with the Creator, who is Jesus. –That that man “saw” a glimpse of Truth and realized he has to make a choice concerning that Truth. I do pray he will go forward and not choose to forget or reject Him.

A few sentences. A couple expressions. A smile. A word. A gift. “Five small barley loaves and two small fish.” (John 6:9) Anything we can give out to someone –if the Lord is in it, it can make an eternal difference.

with love,

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