Speak Out About Abuse

December 15, 2016

At this Christmas season, when parties are abundant, as well as eggnog and the anticipation of cheer given and received by those whom we believe share our affection, lies a terrible reality for many. It is called domestic abuse. Please view this about one beautiful woman:


Though there certainly are men in the world who are abused by their wives or their children, it is, for the most part, men who are abusing their wives and/or children. This is therefore not “a women’s issue”, as if men are allowed to tune out when abuse is spotlighted, but instead it is primarily “a man’s issue”. In other words, there is something terribly wrong with the majority of men and their culture rather than women and children being the ones to blame. Please watch this:


Since even the strongest and most successful of women can be abused by their husbands, society needs to better inform itself as to why women stay with their abusers. Please watch this:


Abuse, particularly wife abuse, is rampant. For many it is not cheer and warmth and love and security that surrounds this Christmas season, or any season, but instead cursing, lies, threats, screaming, and violence.

Let us help stop the terror by exposing it, by asking that good men take a stand against their culture’s status quo, and by holding abusers accountable for their words and actions.

with love,

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