Our Faithful, Caring God

November 26, 2016

Sometimes when we get really busy, our time with the Lord gets cut short, and if this continues very long, we who love Him feel sad. We miss Him and we worry that His patience with us may be running out. We may think that it’s not just the lack of quiet time with Him that is causing us to hear less from Him, but that He maybe is just not happy with us anymore. True, the busyness comes from things we must do –jobs, projects, circumstances, or people that have come into our lives that take up a lot of that time we were daily spending with Him and in His service. Yes, these other things we are doing are as unto Him also, and yes, they are things we feel He actually wants us to do, but yet, somehow, He doesn’t seem as close to us in spirit. It makes us sad.

What should we do? We should talk to our God about it. We should tell Him we love Him, miss Him, appreciate Him, know that all good things come from Him, and that we are trusting Him in everything. We should keep praising the Lord for who He is, that He has the power to bring about good, that He takes care of us and our loved ones, and that He has sovereign control over everything. Even in the busyness, we can do this –as we drive, clean house, or even in quick intervals while giving our attention to other people. And of course we should be continuing to pray, including for others and their needs, even if we haven’t had time to see them as much.

In Isa. 49:14 Zion said, “The LORD has forsaken me, the Lord has forgotten me.” Sometimes we might feel the same. But what does the Lord say in response? He says He will never forget His children. (v. 15) “See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands.” (v. 16)

“But my cause is disregarded by You, Lord,” we may say, as did Israel. (See Isa. 40:27) “My concerns escape the notice of the LORD.” (See same verse) But the Lord answers comfortingly again, assuring us that “He gives strength to the weary” (v. 29) and that those who hope in Him will be renewed (v. 31) and not disappointed. (49:23c)

What wonderful promises! What blessed comfort! Truly the Lord is so good, so compassionate, and so faithful. He is always there for us. Just a whisper away. Even when we may think He is not, He is.

with love,

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