Thankful For Home

November 24, 2016

Our family had a lovely Thanksgiving today –we had a wonderful meal, played a board game, and hiked a long trail through the wooded hills amid perfect sun-shiny weather. There is much for us to be thankful for to the Lord. Much. Definitely. And I could list tons of them.

But one thing, tonight, that all of a sudden struck me that I should be, and am, thankful for is our home. I was standing in the kitchen and my eyes were “opened” to really see this home of ours. It’s cozy. It’s ours. The Lord has provided it for us. We’ve been here almost three years, and yes, I sometimes miss the ranch, but I love this place now, and it is way more than most people have. Even those who live in mansions may not have all that we have –peace of mind, decent health, all our family loving Jesus, and so much more.

I looked at the big refrigerator. Many in the world don’t have one. I looked at the plants, the floor, the sink. I thought of the fact that we have electricity and light that comes on with the flick of a switch and have plumbing and running water –things we didn’t always have while growing up, and which many in the world have never had. I looked at the toaster –it’s a luxury, though I think most Westerners forget that. And ovens? Luxuries also, and we have two at this house!

Well, I could go on, but those are some of the things I noticed in the space of a few seconds. I do thank the Lord daily for all sorts of things, but often I forget the more “mundane” things, things that to go without could be quite frustrating.

The Lord is good. His faithfulness and mercy never ceases. His kindness and His power can be seen everywhere. The blessings He gives us are too numerous to count. Should we not be exceedingly grateful? Should we not thank Him throughout each day? We should. Including for the gift of a home.

with love,

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