The Protesters Reveal Immaturity

November 18, 2016

The protesting going on here in the U.S.A. concerning the outcome of our presidential election, I find to be both absurd and immature. Regardless of who each of us voted for, our voting system is an established, agreed-upon process, and one which has measures in place that secure fairness and honesty. Protests done before election day are reasonable, but to get out and protest now –well, what is it supposed to accomplish? Is it not action that says, “I didn’t get my way, and I demand that I do”? Is such behavior honorable?

Let’s also ask, does such behavior bring peace and stability to the country, or does it promote anger, unrest, fear, division, and other negatives? What then about those giving platform to the protesters? Are they not, in essence, saying, “It’s okay to be a sore loser, to vent one’s anger, to threaten anarchy, and to throw a temper tantrum as long as it’s ‘peaceful’.”–? Furthermore, why the airing of sobbing female millennials who claim they are terrified now for their well-being? How does this help our nation? It doesn’t. Any reasonable person knows it only adds fuel to the fire, stirring up more anxiety and anger while enticing the impressionable to also resort to the behavior of these touted as heroes or victims.

Typically I ignore political controversies. But ever since seeing, several days ago, on a national T.V. network, a particular sign of one of the protesters, I have felt significantly disturbed about the apparent worldview of those protesting our election result. The sign, to me, symbolized all that the liberal left stands for, and if I have to boil it down to two words, I’d say they stand for, promote, and cheer on –this: Deliberate ignorance.

There is a lot I could say about this deliberate ignorance that I believe many liberals possess –such as their “politically-correct” refusal to see such things as these: The foolishness of forcing the working class to provide for the slothful, that it is actually wisdom and justice that demand that immigrants may only enter this country legally, that race and sexual-orientation should give no one any extra privileges above anyone else, that tax-payers paying the tuitions of college students is neither just nor wise, that socialism is not better, that a record of peaceful citizenry gives that American the right to carry a gun, that being soft on terrorists only emboldens evil people, and that abortion is a violation of human rights at the most fundamental level and is, in fact, the murder of another human being. Yet liberals will chant, “It’s my body. It’s my choice.”

That was the sign that really disturbed me this week. –A young woman defiantly holding up her poster, “It’s my body. It’s my choice.” But is this true? Is a baby, just because his or her residence is still within a womb, not a separate human being? Everyone, except for those who are willfully, stubbornly, and purposefully naive, knows the answer to that. The unborn are not extensions of their mothers’ bodies, but are separate, individual humans growing within another body. Even science has confirmed this for years as undeniable fact. Yet this month’s political protesters allow, even encourage, deliberate ignorance to proudly march with them. Truly, this is when we know the core worldview of these protesters is far from reasonable.

While thinking about writing this post, I googled the words of the sign that so irritated me. Right away I came to this very excellent article: It reminds us that the DNA of a baby is uniquely his or hers, and different from the parents’ DNA. It also says that scientists have pinpointed the exact moment that a new human is created and it happens with a flash of light when the sperm unites with the egg.

At the end of the article there is also a link to a music video sung by Matthew West in support of the unborn baby’s right to life. It’s beautiful. Here is that direct link:

I am saddened and annoyed and somewhat alarmed that we evidently have so many people in America, especially the majority of millennials, it seems, (or those who act like them), who cannot graciously and maturely accept opposition, defeat, or the obvious fact that they aren’t going to get their own way this time. They can’t seem to get over their self-centered disappointment so as to decide, along with the other half of the nation, to be hopeful and positive. Apparently they are ungrateful that the Supreme Court Justices who will now be chosen will undoubtably help steer the nation away from its rise in immorality, injustice, and foolishness. Why? Because their mantra, even though they would deny it, is, “I choose to be deliberately ignorant –ignorant of God’s laws, ignorant of what is wise, and ignorant of what is just.”

Yes, the “It’s my body. It’s my choice.” sign sums up the protesters worldview quite well.

with love,

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