God Answered With Extra Obviousness

October 13, 2016

Today at the bus and train stops it seemed like almost everyone was extra receptive and many came over to me and asked for a tract or even initiated a conversation. I believe the main reason for the exceptionally good afternoon of evangelism was this: Prayer. I had texted and emailed more people than I normally do to be praying for me and those I’d meet, and I believe they really were praying.

Speaking of prayer, the Lord arranged a prayer meeting right there at one of the main four corners and it was initiated by one of the transit security cops! There were about six of them on bicycles talking with one another (and with others who were standing there), and two of them started talking to me and thanking me for what I do down there. I was kind of surprised but then I thanked them for their service to the community too. One wanted to see all five of the signs I was wearing and the other asked if he could pray for me right then. I said, “Sure! Thank you.” But then I added, “In the name of Jesus, right?” He said, “Definitely,” and so I again affirmed that that would be great. Both he and the other guy put their hands on my shoulders and prayed for me so wonderfully, with many listening in! It was such a sweet blessing! I’ve been witnessing down there since January of 1996 and I don’t think any law enforcement person has ever done that for me! I felt very edified by seeing their boldness in Christ, as well as their thoughtfulness toward me.

There were many, many excellent encounters today (like with a husband and wife who were from England, and like with a woman who had a huge black eye, bruised face, and mangled ear), but just one other that was a bit unusual was that a guy came out of the McDonalds, handed me a bag and said, “I bought you two hamburgers.” I thought that was so kind of him and I told him so, and being I’d been talking with him about God’s Word a half hour or so before, I didn’t want to refuse his gift. So even though I didn’t actually want the hamburgers, I took the bag, and telling him how thoughtful that was of him, I put it in my tract bag. A bit later when I was headed back to my car, I realized I hadn’t given the hamburgers away to any homeless-looking person, which I had planned to do. I quickly prayed that someone would come by that I could give them to, but being I was already at my car, no homeless-looking person was around. But then! –out of nowhere almost, a tattered-clothed man jay-walked across to my side of the street, and so holding up the bag, I called out to him, “Do you want two McDonalds hamburgers?” He came over to me and asked, “You’re not trying to kill me, are you?”

I knew what the guy meant. It’s the same thought that keeps me from eating anything a stranger gives me –it could be laced with a drug, or anything. I told him the person who gave it to me had just come out of McDonalds and that since the guy was trying to be nice I’d accepted it even though I had other plans for dinner. The guy apparently believed me, for he took the bag and crossed the street toward the spot from where he’d initially emerged from, chomping happily away. As I drove off, he smiled and waved a half-finished hamburger at me.

I tell of these experiences because they distinctly revealed to me that the Lord was answering my prayers that people be friendly, positive, and receptive to me and my message. Several of those partnering in prayer for me said they were praying for the same things, so I know it came about because the Lord was causing it. Truly prayer makes a gigantic difference! Obedience in going out and putting forth the effort is necessary, of course, but even that must be accompanied with prayer.

The Lord works through prayer. Let’s believe it and act according to that faith.

with love,

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