God Multiplies Through Our Efforts

September 30, 2016

I was really surprised earlier this week when someone emailed me who I’d not seen or heard from since 1991! Having lost contact with each other, it was exciting to hear from her, especially since we’d been really good friends our last two years of high school. What was even more exciting was that she told me she has been doing several ministries –three different Bible study groups a week (besides her full-time job!), visiting at shelters, and doing a ministry where she packs brown bag lunches and then walks the beaches handing out the bags to the veterans and the homeless there. Having written messages on the bags, she talks about the Lord with those she encounters. I was thrilled to hear about it, for all these years I hadn’t known what happened to this friend or if she had continued to even follow the Lord.

See, our friendship had begun when I timidly asked her if she wanted to go to a Bible Study Youth Group that I had just begun attending and I’d said it so lamely that I silently blamed myself when she declined (though a few weeks later she did start going). Hearing from her this week and what she’s doing as unto Jesus, –well, I felt like it was a great encouragement the Lord was giving me, like He was saying, “See how I can multiply My servants efforts?” And, “Yes, concerning all the seeds you’ve ever sown, regardless of whether or not you’ve known anything about it, I have been working in those lives.”

Last night I was talking to a different friend, encouraging her concerning the hard trial she’s going through. She happened to mention that someone had told her how soothing it is to hear her play the clarinet as she often does for the residents at a nursing home. I was very excited to realize she does this on a regular basis at four different senior care centers! I encouraged her to continue, and to believe that her efforts help way more people than she realizes. For truly, I reasoned, when a person feels soothed and uplifted, he or she will, themselves, likely act kinder toward others, and this kindness is thus spread and multiplied. She agreed and was further encouraged.

It really isn’t too hard to offer an invitation, give a ride, visit someone, pray for someone, give a neighbor or a stranger a gift of Christ’s love, assist with a need, or just give someone a kind word, a note of encouragement, a compliment, or a smile. Any one of these might go a whole lot further than we could ever anticipate.

with love,

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