The Only True Savior Is Jesus

September 6, 2016

“Two dollars,” my friend Rad said, holding up two fingers for emphasis. “Two dollars. Women are out here selling their bodies for only two dollars.”

Shaking my head sadly, I agreed that that was shocking and awful. There must be a lot of desperation, a lot of hopelessness. No one would stoop to that depth if this weren’t the case. Truly, the world needs help so badly! They need the Savior, but He is precisely who most choose to reject. John 3:19,20 tell us why –because they love darkness instead of the Light and this because their deeds, which are evil, get exposed by the Light. Thus, they won’t come into the Light and many even hate the Light.

This conversation I had with Rad (who talks to me often down there) was last Friday at the bus and train stops as I witnessed there with four signs and some of my tracts I’d just printed out that morning. My back sign said, “Jesus is the only true Savior” and the three front ones (two which had messages on both sides) I inter-changed periodically.

Rad complained (again) that he wanted to follow God’s (moral) laws but that the culture and community he is in makes him feel it is next to impossible. I tried to encourage him to choose to be different and to “come out from them and be separate” (2 Cor. 6:17) in whatever way necessary. Rad always seems to have a flicker of hope cross his face –that maybe he could change– but then he lapses back into defeatism. Somebody reading this, please pray for Rad’s transformation to happen!

I actually had a lot of great conversations on Friday, and being there seemed to be an extra amount of tourists, I felt I was able to reach an extra amount of people I’d never met before. All in all, most individuals I talked with seemed genuinely interested in understanding what God would require of them in their particular current situation. I cared greatly for each one and felt God’s love in me for them. I knew the Lord was working through the prayers of those who I’d asked to be praying, some who I’d not ever asked before. Definitely, experiencing the Holy Spirit using Christ’s people together as a body is always an incredible joy!

May God use us all to pray and go and proclaim Christ, to remind people that there is a Way out of the darkness and into the Light, and to help them find the courage and the will to renounce the hopelessness, the filth, the darkness, so that they can be separated, wholly and loyally, to Jesus, the Light and only true Savior of the world.

with love,

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