Swimming & Hiking In Idaho

September 2, 2016

Below is one more set of photos I’m sharing of my vacation to Idaho this month. I stayed with my parents at the same camp I stayed with them at in Idaho two years ago before we went on to Yellowstone. I love the scenery in that area of the country! God has made such a stunning creation for us to enjoy.

The Lord had several very intriguing people cross paths with me who I was able to share my faith with, both on my flights there and back, and also while staying there. I kept thinking of how valuable every person is to God, even those who do not (yet) know Him. With every person I talked with, I had the impression that God was wooing that person to Himself and that I was just one step in the process. Some I talked with at length and shared the full Gospel with and the reason I believe it. With others I just dropped a few “seeds”, hoping that they would engage, but even with those who didn’t, I will continue to pray that God brings people and events into their lives to show them the Truth so that they will be saved.

I remember that many years ago my dad had two verses on their bathroom mirror that he was memorizing. It was this: “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” (Col. 4:5,6) These are commands for us, everywhere we go, near or far.

with love,

Spokane River where we swam on 8/21/16, a few hundred feet from our rented cabin.

We went sight-seeing 8/21/16; My dad, Bayview, 25 miles N of Coeur d’Alene.

8/22/16, early morning, my mom and I went for a hike around the hill by our cabin.

Me, and Spokane River and lagoon in background, 8/22/16

My mom and our cabin up ahead, 8/22/16

My dad starting out on the Tubbs Hill hike along the Coeur d’Alene Lake. 8/22/16, late afternoon

I went with him. (It’s a mouse in the moose’s antlers!)

My dad looking at the lake view.

Beautiful coastline

Rugged beauty!

Yes, I climbed down there, and it’s much steeper than it looks in the photo.

My dad overlooking a cliff, also much higher than appears in the photo.

Me by another cliff

Shot toward the sun from Tubbs Hill

Next morning, 8/23/16, at the camp, watching my niece and nephew swim

The camp beach of the Spokane River is so pretty! (8/23/16)

Violet, Jenny, me, and my mom watching them swim, 8/23/16

My dad and me, on another hike around the lagoon, 8/23/16 afternoon

A cross on the hill across the lagoon from our cabin, 8/23/16

My parents in front of our cozy cabin. (8/23/16, evening)

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