The Beautiful Wedding Of Jillian & Brent

August 26, 2016

Two evenings ago I arrived back home from being in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for a week where we attended my sister’s oldest daughter’s wedding. It was wonderful and I heard several remark that even though almost all brides are lovely, Jillian was the most beautiful bride they’d ever seen. Below are some pictures and everyone can decide for themselves.

Unfortunately, heavy rains in Dallas prevented my brother and two of his children from being able to fly out, even though they tried twice. However, his wife (Ruth) and son (Kael) had gone on a flight several hours before and so they made it. My husband did not go either for a number of reasons. But, the rest of us were there and it was a happy and Christ-honoring wedding. The vows, which they wrote themselves, were quite something –so sweet, so full of commitment and selflessness. Oh, that we all could vow such things and hold to them!

Jillian and Brent met their first day of college on the east coast because both were in the honors program. They were friends among a circle of friends until Jillian’s junior year when they decided to take their relationship further. Both of them love academia and Brent is a Math and Science wiz while Jillian is a Sociology major. Both of them love Jesus and have hearts and actions that reach out to the down-trodden.

We are all very grateful for God’s kindness and amazing ability to lead two very precious people –living on opposite sides of the country– to meet each other, love each other, and commit to one another for the furtherance of good in the world. May the Lord favor them all their lives and help them bring glory to His name.

Love and prayers,

8/18/16 –My mom, Violet, and Jillian, two days before Jillian’s wedding

8/18/16 –My dad with Lincoln (the bride’s brother)

8/19/16 –Rehearsal day, and this is Jillian’s bouquet she made out of brooches everyone contributed

8/19/16 –Jillian with friends and with sisters, Violet and Clementine

8/19/16 –My sister (Jenny) and me

8/20/16 An hour before the wedding: My parents and Clementine

8/20/16 –Violet and her grandma

Ruth (my brother’s wife) and Jenny (mother of the bride)

Jenny and me before the wedding ceremony

8/20/16 –Jillian and Brent presented as husband and wife (Brent’s brother & dad were the groomsmen)

Ceremony ending

Wow! They look happy and excited, to say the least.

Best friends and happy couple

An emotional hug of brother and sister after Lincoln gave his toast speech

Jillian and Brent’s first dance being married

Jillian and her dad (a pastor and the one who married them) dancing

Beautiful Jenny, mother of the bride, watching her husband and daughter dance

Cousins, Kael and Lincoln

Beautiful Jillian talking with guests

Me between the bride and groom

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