Dallas Shootings Where I Evangelize

July 12, 2016

I too mourn the loss of the lives of the five policemen gunned down by a sniper in Dallas five days ago. The place that it happened –next to El Centro College– is directly across the street from the block I usually evangelize at. I walk past the college almost every time I’m down there, standing at different corners, for a few minutes each, with my signs and talking to those near the bus and train stops who approach me to comment or discuss God’s Word. It’s an easy mission field as most people I encounter do believe in Jesus (even if they aren’t following Him) and they seem curious enough or convicted enough to stop and talk, or at least take a tract.

So, of course when I heard about the shootings, I immediately wondered if anyone I knew had gotten hurt. (I’ve walked those streets evangelizing for over 20 years so I often encounter people who I’ve exhorted numerous times, some who have turned from sin, some who haven’t, but most who I have grown to really love.) Realizing, though, that it happened during a protest, and that it was aimed at white law-enforcement officers, I was pretty sure I didn’t know any of them, as I rarely see white officers down there. (After viewing their photos, I didn’t recognize any.) Still, it is extremely sad, and I grieve deeply for the families. It is tragic that these men, in bravely coming to the aid of their fellowman, had to have their lives cut short by someone on the side of evil.

I also grieve for those others who, though they did not die, were injured in this shooting. (I’m again reminded of grieving alongside a close friend of mine who is the mother of a former officer who remains paralyzed from the waist down because of being shot during a drug bust in Dallas in 2007.)

I was glad to hear that Obama, Bush, and other officials came to honor the fallen officers at a memorial service today in Dallas, and through their speeches, to encourage and exhort our nation. I’m sure that those leading our country are truly trying to make it a safer, better place, and we appreciate their efforts to do so. However, there is only one Person who can solve the crises we, the U.S., as well as the whole world, have and face today. His name is Jesus. Yes, only Christ Jesus will bring in true and lasting justice and peace.

No other will. No other can.

Let us, therefore, put our trust in Him.

with love,

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