Evangelize, And Pray For Their Salvation!

June 29, 2016

A few hours ago I made a phone call to an elderly couple I have visited and witnessed to for years. I’d been praying for their nephew who had cancer but who, last time I called about a month ago, was getting better with some new kind of treatment. Sadly, though, I found out today that the nephew died last night about 9:30.

Besides expressing my sorrow, I also prayed over the phone for the whole extended family. Later, after getting off the phone, I prayed some more, crying out to the Lord that He would use His power and wisdom to bring this elderly couple to salvation. I also prayed that they would see that my phone call had, as has happened several times before, come right at a significant time. –That they would see that this so often happens by none other than divine appointment because it is really the Lord Himself who keeps trying to remind them of their spiritual need and to woo them to Eternal Life.

I prayed this and now pray again: “Lord, please show them that I tell them I love them because it is You in me that loves them so very much. Lord, let them see that I called the morning after their nephew’s death, not because I knew it happened, but because it is actually YOU who are (again) trying to show them that You are ever watching everything, that what concerns them does concern You, and that it is You trying again to compassionately remind them of the afterlife, of the two eternal destinations, and that everyone must repent of their sins and trust in Jesus’ name and atonement in order to be eternally saved.” Righteous readers, please agree in prayer with me right now, “Lord, save this couple, please, before they die!”

I will continue to pray and to trust God to answer this prayer. We can be assured that He does not desire that ANYONE perish, but that everyone will come to repentance and salvation. (2 Pe. 3:9) Moreover, we can be assured that God does answer prayer that is in line with His will (1 John 5:14,15) and if, with a clean heart, we persist in petition and praise. God has chosen to work through people. But, if we shirk the responsibility, we will face rebuke (or worse!) at the Judgement. (Ezek. 33:6-9 // Mt. 24:45-25:46) Therefore, let us continue in prayer, worship, thanksgiving, good deeds, love, and evangelism every moment available to us so that people will not go to Destruction when we could have changed their course!

One man who did partner with God in His work to save souls, also died within this last week. But, concerning his 91 years of life, his family, the rest of us who attended his funeral on Monday, and others, can rejoice that it was well lived for God and his fellowman. He served his country and he served in the Kingdom of God –as a boy with his street-preaching parents, as a missionary overseas for many years, and as a teacher of God’s Word here. Oh, how he loved and studied the Word for hours a day! He and his wife share the carport with my parents, and already we all miss him very much. Having been in fine health, he was sick less than a week, making it another reminder of how swiftly any of us can go. I considered him, along with his wife, one of my prayer partners whom I, or my mom, would often call on to be praying whenever I would evangelize downtown. Each year he would give me a stack of pocket calendars with Scripture verses on them to hand out, and several times he gave my mom tracts to use in her treat bags. We will miss his kindness and his prayers, and my parents will greatly miss him as a neighbor!

What about each of us? Are we consistently ready (Mt. 24:44) to exit this life and undergo The Final Evaluation? For “It is appointed unto man once to die, and after that to face Judgement.” (Heb. 9:27)

with love,

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