Scripture Prophesied Britain Leaving The EU

June 24, 2016

As many woke today to realize that Britain had voted to withdraw from the European Union, I begin to wonder how historically momentous this may actually be and if it was prophesied in Scripture. So I did a bit of study today from both secular and non-secular viewpoints. Though I do not claim at all to adhere to every doctrine or belief of those I read from, I did find it very interesting that some Bible teachers have been predicting for years just what we’ve seen over the last 24 hours.

Here are two videos that I found particularly informative:

A 4/9/16 video posting about Britain’s destiny as prophesied in Scripture:

A 2/5/15 video posting (over a year ago) showing that Scripture prophesies that Britain will leave the EU:

I believe that the Lord is trying to warn anyone who will pay attention that He is coming back very soon. Yes, Jesus is coming back to earth to judge, to set up His worldwide government in the literal city of Jerusalem in the literal land of Israel, and to commission His faithful followers to reign with Him.

I strongly encourage everyone to inform themselves concerning this.

with love,

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