Be Always Devoted To Prayer

May 4, 2016

Tomorrow is National Day of Prayer here in the U.S.A. so tonight I decided to meditate on some Scripture verses about prayer. I took note that several emphasized being faithfully devoted to it and engaging in it at all times. Here are the notes I jotted down tonight as I read and learned from the verses:

Phil. 4:6 –In every situation we are to pray with thanksgiving and complete trust in God.

Rom. 12:12 –We are commanded to be faithful about praying.

1 Thes. 5:17 –We should pray always, meaning continually.

Col. 4:2 –We are told to devote ourselves to prayer.

1 Pe. 4:7 –We are told to be alert and sober-minded so that we can pray. (Yes, it is so true that in order to pray we must be attuned to what and who needs prayer, and if our thoughts are cluttered up with worldly or frivolous thoughts, then that which needs to be prayed about will escape our attention.)

Luke 18:1 –Jesus teaches us that we should not give up in petitioning Him.

Mt. 6:7 –However, persistence does not mean it is repetitious mantras that God wants.

Acts 16:25,26 –Along with our petitions, we should sing praises to God. This adds to the power of prayer!

Mt. 6:6 –We should pray when we are alone with God, not pray for publicity’s sake. (Praying while all alone with God should be a daily, unhurried event, for this creates intimacy with our Lord as well as an ability to focus our minds on seeking Him and His will without the distractions of other noise.)

Mt. 18:20 –When praying with others, it need not be a crowd, for the Lord promises His presence among even two or three.

Acts 1:14 –We are to be praying constantly with other faith-filled people. (Why are so many churches not encouraging prayer meetings? If the early church was constantly meeting for prayer, why aren’t we doing so even once a month?)

Ja. 5:16 –Do we believe that righteous people’s prayers are powerful and effective, as this verse says? Then let’s utilize our privilege!

Ja. 1:6 –We are not to entertain doubt, thinking that God probably won’t answer, for…

Mark 11:24 & 1 John 5:15 –As these two verses remind us, when we pray, we are to believe firmly that our request is granted.

1 Chron. 16:11 –We are to continually seek the Lord, His strength, His presence, His guidance, and trust that when we look to Him for help, He is there for us!


Being that most of the year is spent praying for that which concerns us individually, let’s take tomorrow to join others in praying for our nation and its leaders, for the up-coming presidential election, for the pastors and all those responsible to teach God’s Word, for parents and others who have influence over youngster’s minds, and for the immorality, idolatry, and injustice that blankets our land to stop. Let’s pray that Americans repent. Let’s pray that God intervenes in mercy, cleanses and heals us, brings the wicked to their knees, and delivers the contrite from sin and evil.

Let’s take a stand and prostrate ourselves before the Great Throne of Grace. Let’s petition God and believe that He has granted our requests.

with love,

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