God’s Tender Voice

April 12, 2016

The Lord does so many things to let us know He is thinking about us, caring for us, assuring us that He is right there with us. Yes, many things. It may be a kind word from a loved one, an encouragement from someone we encouraged, a warm smile from a stranger, or an extra-special brilliance from something in His incredible creation.

But what about His Word? Does God’s voice and attention not come through to us with special potency when we read His Word? And what about when He confirms the same exact words the same day?

This last Saturday I got up very early so I could head out to the country town where my husband and I had lived for 14 years. A friend’s son, having been sickly for most of his 36 years, had, sadly, died, and I was going to the funeral. However, since I make it a point to spend time with the Lord in His Word before I eat breakfast, do chores, or go anywhere, I opened my Bible and read a few psalms. I came across Ps. 121:7,8 and I was comforted in doing so since these verses are excellent in dispelling fear while traveling. In fact, they are so consoling, that I memorized them several years ago and quote them frequently whenever I feel any uneasiness concerning safety for myself or another.

But, besides these two verses, I felt the Lord prod me to meditate on the whole chapter (the other six verses, as well). They are all about the Lord being our help and care-taker; and being that it’d been almost a year ago to the day that an unlicensed 20 year old girl had rear-ended me (from which I suffered a severe concussion and have had to be on preventative seizure medicine since), I was thankful for the Lord’s special assurance through this chapter.

Well, I had a lovely drive out there, saw a few friends briefly, and then went to the funeral. It was a very nice service, but when someone got up and read Ps. 121, and all its eight verses, I got tears in my eyes and shook my head in wonder at God’s sweetness to me. I certainly had not known anything about the content of the funeral I’d be attending when I’d read the chapter several hours earlier. But God knew; and He wanted me to remember that He always has His mind on me. –Just as He has His mind on everyone, particularly those who seek His help. Yet how often do people miss those assurances He gives? We miss them if we’re not listening, and if we don’t follow His lead. His lead is good. He walks a peace-filled path. Even if there is pain, or sorrow, or uncertainty, with Christ being the Shepherd, deep inner peace is still ours. Because we have His fellowship. Fellowship with the God of the universe, the Almighty, our Rock and our Comforter.

It may seem a small thing to some –hearing God’s voice of assurance through the Ps. 121 confirmation on Saturday. But it wasn’t to me. And it never is. It is always amazing, always special, always a wonderment and joy to me when God speaks, and when He speaks directly to me through His Spirit. –His Spirit who speaks through Creation and circumstances, and definitely when confirming His Word.

The Lord is truly a kind and caring God. And, to those who seek His voice and listen, a very tender God.

with love,

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