Edified While Witnessing

April 5, 2016

I had a great day witnessing downtown yesterday –tons of great conversations. One that was annoying, though –the guy (Warren) kept testing me and then saying I didn’t score well because I didn’t answer exactly the way he wanted. Weird. Another guy came along (Rex, who reads the Bible aloud on the street) and said that yeah, that guy is confrontational, and so I said that this was negative and I kept trying to get away from him but not leave him offended.

Finally Rex suggested we cross the street and we said bye to Warren who looked a bit dejected, and then I encouraged Rex for about 15 minutes. During that time a guy named Tim came and hugged me and I was very excited to see him as my husband and I had taken him to McDonalds over ten years ago when he asked for a handout. I hadn’t seen him for about nine years! After he left, Rex said that that guy (Tim) had asked him for a handout recently of money and he’d given it, but Tim didn’t act like he recognized Rex. So Rex, a bit put out that Tim didn’t recognize him and thank him, said Tim must be a moocher. I agreed, but told Rex to next time offer food, not money. (By the way, when I witness down there, I bring no money with me so that I can say I have no money with me.)

While Rex and I were still talking, a man and woman (who said their names were Trevor and Barb) came up to me and said that they’d seen me from the train and gotten off specifically to come and ask me for prayer. So I hugged the woman and the four of us prayed, holding hands. They seemed very grateful, and then left. Please say a prayer for them –for wisdom, guidance, protection, provision, peace, etc. from the Lord. Thank you! Anyway, I’m writing this quickly, but it is to give you an idea of why I use signs. It brings the needful ones TO me. It is truly a wonderful way to proclaim Christ and God’s Word and draw those who DO want to hear or have prayer. They see and come over to me. Excellent!

Well, then I told Rex I better get to my car as my meter was likely about run out and the street clock said 2:00 but hadn’t moved, so I got worried. I’d asked a cop and another person if that was the right time and they said yes. I said that I was sure it’d said 2:00 about ten minutes earlier, and they said without looking at any watch, “The clock is right. It is 2:00.” And they gave me a look like I was nuts. So I said I must’ve looked at it wrong and went on letting Warren talk (this was when I was talking with him, or rather letting him annoyingly quiz me in Scripture). So anyway, when I said goodbye to Rex, I felt I better really hurry to my car. Thankfully, the crosswalks were all “Walk” when I got to them and when I saw my car, a parking patrol was walking toward it! Thank the Lord she was walking slowly!!! I ran and got to the meter before she did and I said, “Whew! Just in time!” It was on zero, but I didn’t know how long it’d been on that and I told her about the street clock and that a cop had even told me that the clock was right when it wasn’t! She said okay and kept walking without giving me a parking ticket. Thank the Lord!

There was one guy I met earlier, at the lunch hour, when I had gone up to the restaurant area, and he (Paul) was so great to talk with. I almost passed him by and am so glad I turned back. He had a slight (very slight) speech impediment and seemed very humble. I said a few things and asked him something like, “What are your spiritual beliefs?” (This is always a great evangelism question because most people like to talk about what they believe more than listen to another’s beliefs.) He told me and it was actually fascinating. He explained how Satan, though already judged and condemned, has been given the time span of human history to try to prove that God is a liar and unloving, etc. Paul talked about how Satan wants the Jews annihilated so that God cannot fulfill his two covenants –to Abraham about land, and to David about the throne– and so keeps inciting evil people to wipe them off the earth. I totally agree with this and so kept listening. Paul articulated his “sermon” to me very well and I told him so. I was very edified as what I believe was explained so well and in such detail. I spent at least 30 minutes listening to Paul. What a huge blessing, and I believe this blessing was one of the main reasons for me to decide, spur of the moment, to go downtown yesterday. God is so good and gracious to be encouraging to us!!! Especially in response to the prayers of His people for each other!!!

Well, thank you again for your prayers for me. I appreciate it so much!!! Thank you, too, for sending my latest post link to that pastor you mentioned. May he be edified by it as it confirms what he preached.

(This got so detailed I may as well use the part about my time witnessing downtown yesterday as a post, though I’ll change the people’s names for privacy.)


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