Sing For God’s Involvement!

February 9, 2016

It is highly important and beneficial to praise and worship the Lord, with words from our heart and spirit, and especially with singing, in order to start our day off in victory –victory over anything that might try to attack us –such things as worry, depression, anger, listlessness, doubt, etc. When we renounce any known sin that has crept in, when we turn immediately to God when we wake up, and when we proclaim God’s power and salvation, the evil realm does not want to hear it and they flee. In this habit, we continue throughout the day and we thereby walk in faith, in joy, in peace, and in triumph.

God loves us. He wants to help us. He wants us to involve Him so that He can pave the way for blessings and for success in furthering His Kingdom of justice and righteousness. We’ve been given instruction in how to invite Him into our day, our situations, our concerns, and even into the world at large. We pray. We praise. We step out. We go. We obey. And we definitely prepare our hearts, our minds, and our spirits by meditating on His Word of strength and instruction, and then by actually putting it into practice while calling on God to guide us and protect us.

While getting my coffee this morning, I broke out into spontaneous songs of praise to the Lord. Below are two of those songs as best I can recall. I encourage everyone else to make it a habit to do the same and to remember that when we open our mouths to obey God, then His Spirit, using the Word –which we have already studied and have hidden in our hearts– will give us His words and help us to sing what is pleasing to God and powerful to save.

It is a tremendous blessing to abide with the Lord every day, every moment, so let’s remind each other of the way we do so!


Break forth, break forth,
Raise the banner of praise!
Clap your hands,
To sing praises to our God,
The Mighty One who saves!

Yes, Lord, You are glorious,
Beautiful in splendor.
We come before You now,
To worship at your feet.

Jesus, we exalt You,
You are the King of kings.
You are the Rock, our Fortress,
We hide in You in faith.

Wisdom, love, power, and glory,
Fill Your throne above.
Majesty and honor,
Are to be ascribe to You –always.
For You, Oh Jesus Savior,
Are King, the Coming Reigning King,
You are worthy of our worship,
Forever and in our day.



The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.”
The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.
Yes, come to Jesus!
Come to the King,
The reigning King,
The One who delivers us,
Because of His great love.
Yes, come, come to Jesus!”

“He who fills the earth
With His awesome presence.
By His Spirit we can know,
This God who came to save us
And let us know the Truth.”

“Full of splendor,
Full of majesty,
Glorious in beauty
And marvelous in mercy!”

“The water, the Spirit, and the blood–
The three are in agreement.
He washes away our sin,
When we bow in repentance.”

So the Spirit and bride say, “Come!
Come to Jesus!
He is the Prince, the Prince of peace,
The Lamb who was slain for us.

“He is the Word become human,
And the bodily image of God.
Yes, the Everlasting Father Himself,
The Mighty Creator LORD!”

“We enter Christ’s Kingdom
By being born of water and the Spirit.
The blood washes us clean
And the Word purifies us as we learn it!”

So the Spirt and the bride say, “Come!
Come to Jesus!
He is the God who reigns,
The Resurrection and the Life!”

So the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!
Yes, come to Jesus!”

with love,

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