When I Was Called By God To Preach

January 9, 2016

One evening last month (on 12/12/15) as I was studying the Scriptures while also questioning the role I had in the furtherance of God’s Kingdom, the Lord’s comfort came to me afresh. This is what I wrote down within the same hour –as a possible post but particularly so that I would remember for myself God’s encouragement to me:

It was through a woman preacher that God called me to use my life to proclaim His Word, and speaking directly to my spirit, He used exact words.

When I was admiring an older woman preacher (a guest speaker) at Preach The Word Church in Minneapolis, MN, my first year in college, I was thinking something like, “If she is a woman and can preach, then that means I could. And I want to do that!” I suddenly heard from the Lord, very clearly in my spirit, these exact words: “You are going to be an evangelist.”

In spite of having just been wishing I could preach, hearing this from God was actually a big shock. For one, I was studying to be an El. Ed. teacher and two, because I really had never envisioned myself speaking on a platform in front of adults. I was very shy, and the times when I felt compelled to say anything within a group, even within a small Bible study, my heart would begin to pound so hard that I usually just had to remain silent. I still find it amazing that I actually had that overwhelming desire come into my heart and mind to be a preacher of the Word when I saw that woman preaching that Sunday and that, furthermore, it was right before God stated to me that I was going to be an evangelist. I also find it amazing that this happened at a church called Preach The Word, one that I had been attending for a few months (whenever I could catch a ride there).

When the Lord said these words to me, I believed Him at the time (and afterward), even though I found it profoundly incredible. But, I reasoned to myself that one day I wouldn’t be as shy and therefore later in life I’d be able to get up in front of others to preach. I also figured that I’d be asked to preach at different churches (for that is what I considered to be an evangelist). I did not think about the possibility of preaching on public sidewalks or over the internet, as at the time I knew next to nothing about either.

Today is 12/12/15 and after feeling discouraged about the realization that half of Christ’s body (the female gender) is experiencing their gifts being repressed, I immediately felt the Lord reminding me again that He had called me to be an evangelist, that He had initially done so while using a woman preacher/evangelist, and that I am to thus not worry about anything man says or does to me. It warmed and comforted me, and some tears formed in my eyes. I felt the Lord’s great love and affirmation wash over me, assuring me that I have been using my life the way He prescribed for me, and that I am to continue faithfully in His choice of assignment for me.

Thank you, Lord. I love you and want to fulfill my calling, always doing exactly what You say. Please continue to give me Your power, Your words, and Your guidance.

To whom was the resurrected Christ first revealed, and the commission given, to tell the disciples, including the men, about Him? –To women. Moreover, “‘In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out My Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy [will proclaim My Word]…'” (Acts 2:17)

Yes, everyone who is willing to follow Christ has been commanded and empowered by the Lord’s Spirit to proclaim, teach, and model, throughout the earth, the teaching found in the inspired Word of God. In what manner, what location, and with what gifts we fulfill this, is up to God, not men. (1 Cor. 12:4-11)


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