My 2015 Thanksgiving Day Song To You, Oh Lord

November 26, 2015

My song to You, Lord, this Thanksgiving Day, taken from Your Own beautiful Word:

Oh Lord, this day and every day,
“I rise to give You thanks
for Your righteous laws” (Ps. 119:62)
which “are the joy of my heart.” (v. 111)

“All Your commands are trustworthy” (v. 86) God,
and “how sweet Your promises are.” (v. 103)
You teach me through Your laws, (v. 108)
so “Accept, O LORD, the willing praise
of my mouth.” (Same verse)

“Your Word is a lamp…
and a light for my path.” (v. 105)
It gives me wisdom (v. 98)
and comfort (v. 52)
and counsel. (v. 24)
It gives me purity, (v. 9)
renewal, (v. 50)
healing (v. 92)
and hope. (v. 81)
“I stand in awe of Your laws” (v. 120) Oh God.

Yes, “May my tongue sing of Your Word.” (v. 172)
“May my lips overflow with praise.” (v. 171)
For those who love Your law
do indeed have great peace, (v. 165)
freedom (v. 45)
hope, (v. 81)
and strength. (v. 28)

I love and obey Your Word, Oh Lord, (v. 56,127)
and I trust it completely. (v. 42)
It is more precious to me than anything (v. 72)
besides You Yourself, and Your Name. (138:2)
Therefore many “times a day I praise You
for Your righteous laws” (119:164)
–so wonderful, (v. 129)
“true… [and] eternal.” (v. 160)

“I obey Your precepts and Your statutes” (v. 168)
“O LORD, and I follow Your commands.” (v. 166)
“For I love them greatly.” (v. 167)
They are ever “giving joy to the heart.” (19:8)
Your precepts have certainly proved
“perfect… trustworthy… and right.” (v. 7,8)
“By them Your servant is warned;
in keeping them there is great reward.” (v. 11)

“I love You law” (119:113) Oh Lord.
“I have put my hope in Your word.” (v. 114)
I’ve learned that Your Word
is All-Powerful, (33:6,9 // Heb. 4:12)
and that it remains firm and enduring forever. (Ps. 119:89 // 1 Pe. 1:23)

“Oh, how I love Your law [O God]!
I meditate on it all day long.” (Ps. 119:97)
Therefore wherever I am, (v. 54)
“Your decrees are the theme of my song.” (Same verse)

Oh Lord, “I will not neglect Your Word” (v. 16) –ever!
I thank You for it with all my heart. (v. 10-16)

With love,

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