Honoring Those Who Have Sacrificed Themselves

November 11, 2015

It was a great way for me to celebrate Veterans Day, 2015: Alongside my parents and many other missionaries and praying people, I attended their mission’s Day of Prayer hosted by a local church. We broke into separate sessions that focused on specific parts of the globe, and using information sheets filled with various praise and prayer requests, we petitioned the Lord aloud in small groups. Afterward, we all met together in the sanctuary to hear, reverently read, the names of the missionaries who died this year, to hear encouraging news of God’s work overseas, and to worship in song, as well as through communion.

In speaking about the body and blood of Jesus, which the wafer and the juice signify, the pastor reminded us that our Savior sacrificed His life too that we may live, and live free from evil forever. Christ let His body be crushed and His blood flow to atone for the sins of mankind that we may believe, repent, and be ransomed from evil and its curse. Through His death, Jesus bought for us the freedom to live the real Life.

Veterans Day is a good reminder and opportunity to honor all, missionaries included, who have put their own life at risk for the sake of others, to thank God for giving those men and women the bravery and fortitude it took to fight for the freedoms we’ve been privileged to possess, and to meditate on the Sovereign King-Creator-God who, by becoming human, and by suffering, dying, and conquering death through His resurrection three days later, paid our ransom and gave us freedom so that we might truly live. Truly live now, and forever.

Veterans Day is definitely a day to recognize, and a day on which to show honor and gratitude for those who have sacrificed themselves for the benefit of others.

with love,

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