Stockyards Day

September 30, 2015

I can’t believe how this month has sped by! Time to serve the Lord is moving quickly and we are all, hopefully, making the most of each minute. Serving the Lord is great and He often brings special and unique activities our way. This last Labor Day (9/7/15) my brother, a pastor for college and international students, had an outing for them to visit the Stockyards. My parents, my nephew, and I joined them and got to go around together. Here are some photos from our fun day there.


My dad, my nephew, me, & my mom in front of the stagecoach we took a ride in

The stagecoach we rode in and the two sweet Clydesdales that pulled it

My mom being helped out of the stagecoach

Another sweet horse and its carriage

My nephew petting the cowboys’ horses

My nephew with two of the gunmen

Texas Longhorns being driven down the street by cowboys on horses

Watching the Longhorns

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