God’s Word Does Not Teach Faith-Alone-ism

July 16, 2015

From the inception of my blog, one of my main themes has been the necessity of our obedience to Christ and that by “necessity”, I mean, for the achievement of our salvation. I realize that this is contrary to what many in Christendom teach, but for this very reason, “I strive hard, using Christ’s power at work within me” (see Col. 1:29) to warn of their false doctrine and to point out the true doctrine taught throughout the pages of God’s Word.

Because of Diana’s comments recently at my comment page, I have asked the Lord for further clarity on His doctrine as well as for an understanding of why and how so many who claim to be Christ’s followers would join in the “Faith Alone” mantra, especially when the Word of God so clearly does not teach it.

Of course there are different forms and levels of the “Faith Alone” belief system, but, sadly, what many adherents are soon led to conclude is similar to that which this blogger teaches when he says:

“So faith is not a special sort of human work, nor is it a divine work in the heart of the unbeliever. Rather, faith is not a work at all. Faith is the opposite of works. Just as we do not receive eternal life by faith and works, so also, we do not receive eternal life by faith that is a work. Just as faith cannot be part of the definition of works, so also, works cannot be part of the definition of faith. The two are not related in any way, but are polar opposites. Both faith and works, by definition, are mutually exclusive.” (Jeremy Myers at his post here: http://redeeminggod.com/faith-is-not-a-work/ )

How anyone could teach such a thing, as this blogger does, is beyond comprehension for those who know God’s Word and are taught by His Spirit.

Faith is certainly a work, an act, and a series of actions that consist of doing what that faith requires. This is fully evident when we adhere to a doctor’s orders, an employer’s directive, a lieutenant’s command, an airline’s requirement, when we sign a legal agreement, and when we use a stove, a car, or any device. We act using the faith we have in that person or thing. If we did not act according to that which is required, then we would not be in possession of genuine faith concerning that person, thing, or requirement. Faith always acts. Therefore, faith cannot be separated from works (those works done in obedience to Christ and done in the will of the Father). Works are always a part (an ingredient) of true faith. Only a person who has been indoctrinated to believe otherwise cannot see this truth / Truth.

In Agta (my other language besides English) there is one word which means both believe and obey. In English we say “believe” and “obey”, but in Agta, we just use one word –“meniwala”– and it means both “believe” and “obey”, or, “believing enough to obey and then obeying”. Thus the intertwined meanings of believing and obeying are inseparable in the word “meniwala”.

Scripture reveals the same about “believing” and “obeying” the Truth / Jesus / the Gospel. One clear example of this is when Jesus makes the contrast in John 3:36 when He says, “The one believing in the Son has eternal life, but the one disobeying the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.” Not only does “pisteuo”, the Greek word for “believe”, also include the concept of obedience, but the word “apeitheo” –the Greek word meaning “to not obey”– can also be used to mean “unbelief”. This interchangeableness and contrast can be seen in other passages, such as in Heb. 3:18,19.

God’s Word teaches us that we must put our faith in Christ and that this involves more than just a casual belief. Instead, it means a turn, a repentance, a pledge, a commitment, an adherence (an obedience) to His teachings, a new birth, a new power, a new Master, a new lifestyle, and more. If teachers of God’s Word would teach their listeners to understand that these are necessary ingredients of true faith, then Faith-Alone-ism would not be sending multitudes to Hell. But as the case is, hardly any of them teach that this is what “faith in Christ” consists of, and in fact, they often teach just the opposite. Thus their belief system is a deception.

Besides the Greek words contrasting belief and disobedience, it may be helpful also to see that “faith” can be translated “faithfulness”. Here is a post I wrote about that back on 1/6/11:


Here below are some more of my post-links that expose the false doctrine of Faith-Alone-ism (often seen in different flavors of the OSAS crowds).






I ask that everyone who wishes to defend the “Faith Alone” doctrine, first, before deciding to do so, read all of these links, and the Scriptures I’ve included, carefully, prayerfully, and diligently; and to do so, not hurriedly, but over a period of time while continually asking the Holy Spirit to demolish all strongholds of lies one may possess.

with love,

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