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July 3, 2015

We are to resist injustice in every way legally possible. The news articles below show how the ACLJ continues to fight injustice on the front lines and I strongly encourage others to subscribe to and read the information they send out, to pray fervently, and to support their efforts any way one can.

In one of the articles that can be clicked on below, we can read Nahgmeh’s anniversary letter to her husband (Saeed) in prison. It is heart-breaking. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to have to lie down at night weeping for one’s wrongfully-imprisoned husband and have to wake up day after day to such a reality.

Yet many in world are enduring pain…

I’ve been increasingly praying, “Lord Jesus, come soon. Please defeat the Evil Realm and bring Your loving justice and righteousness to this sin-torn earth.” Truly, the majority of the world’s inhabitants have refused to repent, and thus society, in general, is only going to keep spiraling down. (2 Tim. 3:1-5)

with love,

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Rachel,This week the Supreme Court put a major pro-life law on hold.The law would shut down deadly abortion clinics, protect women, and save countless unborn babies.The abortion industry will stop at nothing to defeat this law.

We’re aggressively fighting to defend pro-life laws at the Supreme Court with a vital brief.

Sign Our Critical Brief: Defend Pro-Life Laws. Save Lives.

Read Our Report: Abortion Industry Doesn’t Care About Women.

In one week, we’re filing a critical brief to defend a Marine who was court martialed for displaying a Bible verse.

Sign Our Urgent Brief: The Bible Isn’t a Military Crime.

When we take action, we can win. This week the Air Force agreed with our demand letter.

Read Our Report: Gen. Olson Won’t be Court Martialed for Faith.

The trial of 2 Christian pastors in Sudan continued with a dangerous turn of events.

Read Our Urgent Update: Pastors’ Attorney in Sudan Arrested.

The nuclear deadline came and went this week, and Pastor Saeed is still not free.

Read Naghmeh’s Letter to Pastor Saeed for Their Anniversary.

Tomorrow, as we celebrate our Independence Day, we must continue fighting for freedom.

Read: Celebrating Our Freedom Means Fighting For Liberty.

Thank you for your continued support as we aggressively fight for freedom.

The ACLJ Team

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