Calloused Talk

June 14, 2015

Those who are persecuted throughout the earth… well, it is something most of us, I’m sure, find hard to think about. The pain and fear which we realize others are enduring, as well as our overwhelming feeling of impotence in how to protect them, is enough to send anyone to their knees in intercession. Even so, there are some who mock. Some whose callousness is so low it should be reserved only for those recognized as barbaric. Yet we have them among us, in spite of the fact that we claim to be a civilized, tolerant society.

Read at this link:

Please pass the link on, asking others to take a stand against such talk.

Let’s also all be praying that God will protect and deliver innocent people from the hands of the cruel. Let’s pray hard this week for Saeed and others who are imprisoned for their faith in the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Pray for their freedom, and pray that God will give them His supernatural strength to remain unflinching in faith and even in joy.

with love,

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