Needed: A Spirit-filled, Praying, Advancing Tide

May 10, 2015

After a nice Mother’s Day afternoon today with our entire family (our lunch being my husband’s yummy specialty roast he’d made in the crockpot), my mom and I went tonight to a prayer meeting at a couple’s home. Following a paper copy guideline, everyone there took turns praying aloud and thanking God for different things suggested. We prayed for the world, the church, and individuals. Since several people prayed for persecuted Christians worldwide, particularly in the Mideast, I prayed for Saeed. I encourage everyone to keep praying for him. Please read his beautiful prayer and message he wrote in honor of America’s National Day of Prayer last Thursday, here:

Last Thursday I kept thinking about the types of prayers people seem to focus on every National Day of Prayer –prayers that our nation will repent of sin and turn to God. This is good, but I often believe “Christians” put too much of the blame on others (on the group), when it is us as individuals, who make up the whole, where the attention should be given. Because if each one of us have things we need to repent of, and we neglect to do so, how is it that the nation as a whole can be seen as repentant in God’s eyes?

I believe church leaders, and everyone else who claims to belong to Christ, should resist lamenting about all the nation’s godless citizens, and instead weep about all those who call themselves “Christians” yet who continue spitting in God’s face through their continuous sinning. Isn’t this the nation’s (and the world’s) biggest problem? Wouldn’t the forces of darkness crumble before the advancing tide of true Spirit-filled warriors? Absolutely. Yet there is no Spirit-filled tide. Oh, there are trickles here and there, and there may be a tide of those who work in their own strength, but a tide of true fully-filled Spirit-controlled warriors? Not really. But this is what America, and the world, needs. There needs to be more who are extra sensitive to anything that grieves the Spirit, who will renounce and turn from all known sin forever, who will make every effort –daily– to be filled with the Spirit, and who will intercede concerning those who are the biggest hindrances to the advancement of truth, justice, and righteousness –namely, those who say they follow Jesus even while they continue to abide in falsehoods and sin.

As I was pondering these things last Thursday, Ps. 86:11 kept coming to my mind. I kept thinking that it would be a great prayer to start any prayer meeting with. It says, “Teach me Your way, O LORD, and I will walk in Your truth.” Isn’t this what we all need? We need the Lord to teach us His way, His laws, His Truth, His doctrine. Then we can walk there. But, we should ask. We should pray that He teaches us. Are we requesting this of God? Is the church petitioning Him about this? Are the dads leading their families in this prayer? Are the moms? Are the pastors?

Ps. 86:11 finishes, “Give me an undivided heart [O Lord], that I may fear Your name.” By having a divided heart, we will grow more and more calloused in understanding the importance of fearing God. Indeed, a divided heart is going to get us nowhere with God –nowhere in getting to know Him and receiving help from Him. Instead we need undivided hearts, and this so that we may fear the Lord, listen to His instructions, learn His way, and walk in His Truth. If we do these, we will be walking in the Spirit, we will be advancing together as a mighty army, we will be demolishing strongholds, we will be praying by the Spirit in line with God’s will, and we will be seeing the Lord answer multitudes of prayers all across the globe.

Mighty praying is what is needed. Humble, trust-filled, mighty prayers from holy, not sinful (daily rebellious), Christ-followers.

It begins with, “Teach us Your way, O Lord” –the heartfelt request, and with, “I will walk in Your truth” –the sincere pledge. If this would become the case throughout the church body, God may turn from His anger, relent from His decrees of punishments, and bring to us His favor and blessing.

with love,

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