In Our Fears, God Whispers, “Peace.”

April 15, 2015

I was comforted just now to read my own post here:

The last few months have been hard for my husband and me as we just keep receiving one trouble after another. Then there are SOOOOO many others who are having huge problems as well, and yet with our own trials, our ability to help them is greatly hindered. But what are our main deterrents? They aren’t always what we think, are they? They aren’t always the trials themselves. Instead, is it not fear, anxiety, discouragement, lack of gratefulness for those things that are good in our lives, and lack of trust in God to see us through, that are our main problems? I certainly believe so.

No matter what pain or trial we are in, we can ride above them. We can have joy in spite of them. Why? How? Because we have the Lord! We exist not merely in the stormy sea, the evil world, but we exist in Him who surrounds us –who lives in us and we in Him– even as we still live in this groaning environment (of people and the earth itself). Therefore, all our hope is in Him. All our strength and courage is in Him. All our peace and rest is in Him. Without Him, truly we have nothing. Nothing but fear, pain, death.

But let’s look up. Let’s remember. Let us keep calling out to Him who can calm the raging winds. Let us keep stepping forward, even through the uncertainty and sufferings, and keep praising the One who knows all about everything, who knows what to do, who knows the final outcome, and who knows how to protect, provide, and comfort us.

Please click on the above link, and as you read, keep in mind, as I also keep in mind, that our trials at that time were enormous, and yet the Lord gave us, day after day, renewed strength, peace, comfort, joy, provision, protection, Himself, and all those other blessings that come from being untied with Him, so that we rode through safely. The testing went on for a much longer time than anticipated, but we came through –and learned a ton in the meantime.

So, although Fear tries sometimes to strangle us, let us again focus our minds only on Jesus. On what He can do. On the fact that He is the Healer, the All-powerful One, the One “who performs miracles.” (Ps. 77:14)

It does help to remember God’s faithfulness through the past, to declare His most certain faithfulness to us now and into the future, to write it down and confirm it to ourselves. This blog has helped me, if no one else. I’ve written a lot down. A lot of what God has done for me in my life, and for my family, the Agta, and others I’ve prayed for. I’ve written down what God has taught me –from His Word and His Spirit and through circumstances –the difficult ones and the ones full of peace and joy. I have thousands of notes and dates in my Bible, and those, as well as my blog posts, will, and have been, extremely helpful to me in remembering. Remembering that God does speak, that He does care, that He is in control, and that He does deliver. And even when I’m very old, I will look back and read my own writings about God’s faithfulness to me, about His love to us all, about His kindness, His power, His mercies, and His tender love. I will read my own writings about His expectations of us, but also about His help to us.

I’ve written about God’s Word, and have shared much about its effects on me personally –my life, my beliefs, my words, my actions. I’ve written about spreading His Truth –how I do it and about the huge importance of doing so in whatever ways He directs each one of us. I’ve written about the importance of praising the Lord, obeying and honoring Him, memorizing His Word, and putting it into practice. I’ve written about my Savior, my Lord, my Counselor, my Teacher –about His attributes. I’ve written about how much I love Him, and have shared about what He has taught me. I have written because it makes a difference. For eternity. At least for me. And hopefully for others as well.

May the Lord give us continued peace, courage, and rest –the real kind which He only can provide. And may we all wait calmly and faithfully until He delivers.

with love,

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