Sister’s Visit & Easter Week

April 8, 2015

My sister and her kids came to visit us recently, which, living in Idaho, they are able to do only about once a year. We had a great time and below are some photos of our time together. (Jillian stayed with her grandparents five days longer than the others because she had come from the East Coast on her Spring Break, surprising her siblings.) We certainly appreciated the Lord working it all out and keeping everyone safe, including through the unexpected snow and ice storm!

Also: The last several photos are some of our family this last week.


2/27/15 Violet and Clementine, ready for our snowy walk

2/27/15 My dad and Clementine by the fort in the woods behind my parents’ house

2/27/15 My dad, me, Clementine, and Lincoln

2/27/15 Jillian and me after she surprised her siblings in coming from Philadelphia on her college spring break.

3/1/15 My sister, dad, brother, mom, & me

3/1/15 My sister, my brother, and me

3/1/15 My parents’ grandkids all together

3/1/15 My dad and his brother (both have translated the New Testament into minority languages)

3/2/15 Over at my husband’s and my house

3/2/15 Visiting my shop at the vintage/antique mall

3/3/15 Me, Jillian, Violet, & Jenny

3/5/15 Jillian, when we visited at my brother’s Cornerstone Ministry at UTA

3/5/15 Jillian and her grandma (my mom) when we went to the Asian Market

To see a photo of Jenny’s husband and to read about a very endearing thing he did recently for a boy with cancer, click here:

4/3/15 Good Friday service: My dad reading Scripture during a reenactment of Christ’s statements while on the cross

4/5/15 Easter Day: My brother’s wife

4/5/15 My brother’s son, Ian, with the neighborhood llama.

4/5/15 My husband as we walked back from visiting the llama

4/5/15 My husband and me at the end of a happy Easter Day at my parents’ house

4/3/15 Me at home

4/3/15 My husband in our back yard

4/7/15 Our back yard with some new hanging plants

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