We Should Interrogate Ourselves Regularly

March 10, 2015

2 Cor. 13:5 commands us to examine and test ourselves to see if we are truly abiding in The Faith. But do most who claim to be Christians actually take this command seriously? Do most know how to examine and test themselves, and if they do know how, do they obey? Do they put themselves under scrutiny and check, using the Word of God, the reliability and quality of their claim to be in The Faith / The Truth?

With the exception of God, we are the ones who best know ourselves (unless we are in some form of denial). But, for those of us who wish to be honest with ourselves, and make such honesty a discipline, we should regularly interrogate ourselves and judge whether or not our priorities are in line with God’s. Here are some good questions to ask ourselves:

1. Am I in the habit of prioritizing the study of God’s Word over everything else? (Dt. 6:6,7 // Josh. 1:8 // Ps. 119:11,97 // Col. 3:16) –Not commentaries or blogs about God’s Word, but God’s Word itself..?

2. Do I give up movies, internet, shopping, texting, etc. in order to have time to meditate on God’s Word, or do I give up God’s Word in order to have time to partake of other activities?

3. Am I memorizing God’s Word so that I am hiding it in my heart and letting it dwell in me richly as we are commanded to do? (See verses above.)

4. Am I putting God’s commands into practice in tangible ways? (Mt. 7:24 // 1 Tim. 4:7) What are those ways?

5. Am I motivated (to know the Truth) primarily by a fear of Hell, or primarily by a deep love and adoration for the Lord?

6. Being that we are commanded to get baptized, and being that it is a public declaration of our pledge to forever follow Christ as our Boss, have I been baptized yet? If not, why not?

I suggest that we write out our answers to the above questions, that we lay the paper before the Lord, and that we ask Him to correct us where needed and affirm us where we are approved. I encourage us to listen quietly, intently, and humbly, making sure that we are being honest and open-minded to what the Lord speaks to us. And I warn us to make the changes in our lives according to what He points out.

I believe that anyone (over twelve years old) who has been born again longer than two or three years should be feeding and training themselves daily while testing themselves regularly. Our human Bible teachers should be nothing more than secondary coaches –those who help us stretch ourselves and who point us to Scriptures where we can investigate for ourselves as we learn to rely more and more on being taught directly from the Spirit in the Word. (John 16:13 // 1 John 2:27) In fact, the degree of eagerness we employ in searching out answers directly from God’s Word is a good indicator of whether or not we possess a genuine, earnest, and determined desire to follow Christ.

Using the above questionnaire should be a good aid in recognizing where we are at according to The Faith, and this so that we can make changes where necessary. For whether or not we are abiding in The Faith now does affect our future –both earthly and eternally.

with love,

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