My Grandpa Passed Away Last Night

February 24, 2015

Last evening at 8:40 p.m., 2/23/15, my Grandpa Wolff transitioned from this earth to be in Heaven with the Lord who he loved dearly. Here is what I wrote to someone last Thursday:

~~My mom flew to MN yesterday morning, deciding to do so just the afternoon before, to be with my grandpa on his deathbed. About 40 relatives were in and out of the room when my mom was there yesterday afternoon and she said more kept coming. Grandpa (who will be 104 on March 28) sat up a bit and talked a bit. They sang hymns and he actually sang a song too. What a blessing to be going in such a loved, cared-for way with family all around! Earlier in the week when a Christian custodian at the hospital asked Grandpa if he was afraid, Grandpa said, “No! I’m going to Heaven!” The guy then prayed for him, and that was an answer to my mom’s prayer that someone would. (Thankfully, Grandpa says he is not in any pain.)~~

Relatives took turns staying overnight at the hospital with Grandpa, and last night it was Val who was with him at the end. She had been reminding him of fun trips he had taken and he was smiling. When the aides came in to turn him over, she went out briefly, and that is when Grandpa breathed his last. I believe he did so with the happy memories flooding his body with peace.

Grandpa’s large extended family have all loved him, and I’m sure, like me, are so very grateful that he was a part of our lives.

with love,

P.S. Below are some photos of Grandpa over the last 15 years.

My Grandpa Wolff, January, 2015

Grandpa & his kids: Pete, Shirley, Duane, & Janet (my mom), March, 2009

Grandpa and his second wife (Gloria) in 1999. (My mom’s mom died at 53 years of age.)

My niece (Kiana), Gloria, and Grandpa, 2001

My mom and her dad in the summer of 2003.

Grandpa, Summer, 2003

Grandpa, Summer, 2003

My mom, Mrs. Pike, me, Gloria, Grandpa, & my dad, Dec. 2004

Grandpa, 2001

Grandpa, 2001

Grandpa, 2001

My husband, Grandpa, & Gloria, 2001 at our ranch house

Grandpa & Kiana, 2001 riding the lawn mower down our ranch driveway

Picnic at our ranch, 2001: Grandpa in ball cap, my husband behind him in white shirt

Grandpa enjoying watching our horses while my dad offers him some fruit (2001)

Grandpa and me, 2002

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