Sponsoring An Agta Student Is A New Ministry Opportunity

February 23, 2015

My brother emailed me some more photos of their trip to see the Agta this month. Below are some of them.  (Please also view yesterday’s post to watch the 3 minute report video and to hear Steve’s “Casiguran” song.)

1. “Uncle” Saysay (pronounced Sysy) and Steve. Saysay became blind as a child from measles.

2. Kael and Udeng. Udeng was miraculously healed (from dying of a sickness) when, years ago, my mom sat with him many hours in his hut, praying for him.

3. Three of my “aunties”

4. The two men (Jonathan and Tim) who accompanied my brother and nephew this month

5. An Agta couple outside a typical Agta house

6. New houses, a church, and a school have been made in one Agta village from money being donated from various people wanting to help the Agta. The Agtas’ needs have received more attention since APECO’s efforts to take their land have become known internationally. (The Rom. 8:28 promise at work, I’d say.) May the Lord bless all who are helping them! If you would like to be one of those helpers, there is an opportunity to become a sponsor for the many six-graders wanting to go on to high school (there is no middle school), which costs, including room and board, approximately $340 a year. Here is the link you can click on to donate and receive a tax deduction: http://partnersacrosscultures.org/donate Please specify that you are donating to “the Casiguran Agta” in the blank space that says, “Person or trip”. If you are wanting to sponsor a student, their names will be available after you fill out the application. Thank you so much for prayerfully considering this.

7. Kael and an Agta boy who is also named Kael.

8. “Grandma” Lodi and Kael. Lodi was a shaman, but she turned her life over to Jesus in the 90s.

9. Lodi’s daughter, Mary Jane, and 3 of her children. For years now, Mary Jane has been regularly hiking to other Agta villages as an evangelist.

10. My “auntie” Nati. She is holding photos my brother brought of my parents and the rest of our family.

11. I like this photo because the two boys have that very Agta look.

12. A visit to Amor Casala Barrenra’s house in the closest town –the town of Casiguran. (The man in the black shirt is Arman, who pastors the Agta church.)

13. Steve with an Agta couple

14. Nateng, the Agta “chief” (though he’s not called that) and his wife (Tetet) who became blind after a doctor removed a tumor from her brain. Tetet was the one who, bravely, a year or so before that. scolded the guerrillas (who were holding my parents hostage for a day on my parents’ porch in Pasarubuy) so that they became ashamed, left my parents alone, and sheepishly left the village that night.

15. Tetet and some of her family

16. An Agta mom who had twins this year!

The Lord has done great things for the Agta because they have, as a group, called out to Him to deliver them from poverty and oppression. Many others, too, have prayed fervently for them and helped in other ways. We ask that prayer for the Agta continue concerning their well-being, their full deliverance from APECO’s attempt to steal their land, and that each individual Agta will have a right relationship with the Lord. And pray that each student will receive a sponsor. (See photo 6 caption above.) Thank you so much!!!!!

with love,

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