Steve & Kael Visited The Agta This Month

February 22, 2015

My brother and his oldest son (Kael) arrived back from the Philippines last Monday. They went there on a mission trip to visit the Agta, accompanied by two men from their church. (The Agta are the people group into whose language our parents translated the New Testament, and who they aided medically, rescued some from slavery, defended their land rights, and of course, were privileged to be friends with.) Here is my brother’s 3 minute report about it:’

We are all grateful to the Lord that He has worked in the hearts of the Agta and that many of them are now born-anew believers, for it certainly was not always the case. This next link is my brother singing, in 1994, a song he wrote in 1984. The song was an expression of Steve’s grieving heart, and because we all felt the same way, none of our family could listen to it without shedding tears. Here is the link and the lyrics.

music and lyrics by Steve Headland

Don’t you know I’ve been thinking
Got you always on my mind
And I know that you are hurting
I can feel it all the time

Life for you has been a struggle
And I want to do my part
Out of sight not out of mind
I know the pain inside your heart

And I still cry for Casiguran
For they may never know Your name
Mom and Dad they went to tell them
But the Agta stay the same

And I still cry for you
‘Cuz there’s nothing I can do
My eyes are filled with tears but I still pray
And in my mind I can see that you’re still crying
Across all those miles I feel your pain

And you know I’ve been thinking
That I wish you only knew
Every day is getting closer
I still pray ‘cuz what more can I do

Megsanget ek dahil dikam
Da ewan moy siya tokoy
Abakit ewan kam meniwala
Sikam ta eya ta Pasarubuy

The song in Steve’s band’s album.

Me and my brother, at Muntay, Koso, Casiguran, 1967

Our family in Manila when Jenny was born. (1970)

Agta girl teaching Steve the guitar. He later played lead guitar in a Christian band in L.A., CA.

Bartoso and Steve at Pasarubuy

Me, Jenny, and Steve with Agta kids

Me and Steve, first time in the U.S., visiting our grandparents

My mom, me, and one of my pet monkeys. (The Agta hunted monkey to eat, so there were often orphaned babies.)

Our family all slept under the mosquito net on the bamboo floor.

Eliden, the first believer (and one of my dad’s translation helpers), and me

Our family with a G.I. visitor at our Muntay house, 1971

Our Muntay house the year before (1970), quite devastated by Typhoon Pitang; but my family survived.  (I was away at boarding school at Nasuli.)

Me outside our house at Pasarubuy, home for summer from college in MN, U.S.A.

with love,

P.S.  Please see tomorrow’s post for more photos of the Agta taken this month, and concerning sponsoring an Agta student.  Thank you!!!

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