Consistency Is Impossible, Unless…

February 10, 2015

Yesterday my mom and I went witnessing at the big train stop downtown. She handed out the many Valentine treat bags she had made with such things inside like beautiful Scripture bookmarks. As usual, I wore two signs and passed out my new one-paragraph message about the importance of obedience to Christ.

At one point, a young man that I’d given a tract to approached me and I found out that he was down there witnessing as well. As we talked and encouraged one another, I was very glad to realize, once again, that God does keep raising up His servants in every generation. This guy told me that he is twenty-five years old. Yet the amount of Scripture verses he knew, and his maturity in the Truth, and his deep concern and heart’s desire to see the unsaved come to Christ, was unique. It greatly gladdened me to have confirmation from the Lord that He is always raising up obedient children that do go forth spreading His Truth.

Besides him, I want to mention someone else who I saw a few weeks ago down there who I’d not seen in a couple of years, yet who I’d witnessed to quite a bit in the 90s when he was a pimp. He said he’d been in prison the last two years for having an illegal pistol on him, but that he had taken the time to do some reading of God’s Word while incarcerated. He said that he is trying to obey God’s commands to some extent, but finds it nearly impossible. “How do you do it and how do you stay consistent?” was the gist of what he asked me.

I told him what I am continually trying to tell everyone: That we must step into and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. But, I say, this does not happen without our extreme effort coming from our firm determination to do what it takes to abide there!

The steps we must take are such as these:

1. Decide that following Jesus and God’s Word is top priority and make it that, meaning that upon waking in the morning we take every thought captive to be obedient to Him. (2 Cor. 10:5) We also tell the Lord that our will is submitted to His (and we mean it).

2. We put “on the full armor of God” (Eph. 6:11) by going through each piece mentioned in verses 14-17.

3. We praise and exalt the Lord, also by using Scripture we’ve memorized and songs made up as led by the Spirit.

4. We pray in the Spirit (Eph. 6:18 // Jude 1:20) and ask God to reveal any sin in our life. If there is any, we renounce it and take immediate measures to forsake it.

5. We make conscious choices all day long to keep walking according to the Word of God which we have been hiding in our heart through reading and memorizing it daily.

6. We stay alert for Satan’s deceptions and we listen intently all day long to the Holy Spirit who guides us according to the precepts found in God’s Word.

This is the gist of what I told my friend and it is, most assuredly, the way to “be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power” (Eph. 6:10), through which we walk consistently in the Truth as holy vessels, spiritually productive, and free from the corruption of the world (2 Peter 1:3-11), thereby pleasing to our Master.

with love,

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