One Statement Could Prevent a Murder

January 21, 2015

“Tell that guy he has no right to that woman.” It was the voice of the Lord, and my brother, hearing God’s command clearly, halted his morning jog and faced the couple coming toward him. But, embarrassed to say such a thing to complete strangers, my brother stood speechless as the young man and woman, seemingly having a good time, turned, walked up the stairs, and into an apartment. The next day my brother saw the same woman’s face in the newspaper with an article that said she had gone missing. Four months later they found her remains where the young man had buried her after choking her to death.

Why do I feel it necessary to tell about such an awful thing? Because my brother told it in his sermon two Sundays ago. And he told it to drive home the point that obedience to God, or the lack of it, is no small thing. Lives hang in the balance. As do souls’ eternities.

It’s really quite un-nerving to realize this. To realize that our obedience to God is absolutely crucial –and not just in those things that seem big to us, but also in those things that don’t seem especially important to us. Yet one statement can make or break a life. Even many lives. Think of the pain that would be avoided if God’s people would always obey the One who knows all hearts, all schemes, all hopes, and all of the future. There’d be so much less anguish throughout the earth!

My brother’s sermon was really convicting. It motivated me to determine to always obey the Lord when I hear His voice, to seek His guidance when I’m not hearing, to walk in the commands I already know, and to do what God says even when it feels awkward or frightening.

My brother’s sermon is called “Making the Most of Every Opportunity” and it can be listened to and watched by clicking here:

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