God’s Word Communicated Through Jesus

December 25, 2014

Last night as my husband and I, my parents, and my brother’s family sat around a Christmas candlelight dinner of lamb that my mom had cooked, we discussed the kindness and greatness of the Lord for having come, in the flesh, to this earth. When I alluded to John 1:1,14 about how wonderful it is that the Creator of the universe became a human baby to grow up to give us God’s Truth and to save mankind, my brother (Steve) responded in telling us about the discussion he instigated with his Bible study group this week. It went something like this:

To one person, Steve assigned this task: Decide how you would explain the color red to a person born blind. To another, he asked them to figure out how music could be described to a person who had always been deaf. To another, he asked, “How would you describe love to Siri?”

The simple answer, of course, is this: To use words. Using words is the best avenue for bringing any explanation, message, information, or proclamation to people. Modeling is excellent too, as Jesus certainly modeled God’s Truth for us, but to use words is the most direct and concrete form of communication. Jesus –His life and His words– was God’s way to communicate Himself to us –to explain His mind, heart, perspective, laws, expectations, love, and Truth to a world that previously could not really comprehend. This, my brother reminded us, is why Jesus is called “The Word” (John 1:1,14), “the Word of Life” (1 John 1:1), and “the Word of God.” (Rev. 19:13)

How amazing it is that God came as a human to earth! How precious and kind and merciful our God was to lower Himself from All-might King to human baby! (Isa. 9:6 // Mt. 1:20-25 // Phil. 2:6-8) May we all ponder how glorious and gracious God is, and continually honor and thank Him who can do all things, and who indeed does them so incredibly wonderfully!

So, in all the bustle –the giving and getting– let’s remember who the One is who is truly worthy of our love, attention, and worship.

with love,

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