God Grants No Prayer Rights To The Wicked

December 14, 2014

Yesterday I wrote about the command in 1 Thes. 5:17 to pray without ceasing, and how important and powerful it is to do so. Praying is a privilege, and continued faith-filled prayer can move God to bring about miracles for us. However, is this privilege awarded to those who practice rebellion against God? It is not. Yet many who consider themselves Christians do not seem to understand that their sinfulness separates them from God (Isa. 59:2) and that He refuses to hear the prayers of the unrepentant. (same verse; see also v. 1-8) In fact, all who continue to sin will not know peace (v. 8 ), but will incur upon themselves ruin, disgrace, and destruction from God. (Ps. 52:1-5 // Eph. 5:5,6 // Heb. 10:26-31)

God says to the wicked, “What right have you to recite My statutes or take My covenant on your lips?” (Ps. 50:16) You have no right, God says, for by your hatred of discipline and casting My words behind you, you have forgotten Me. Thus I will tear you to pieces with none to rescue you! (v. 21-23) Those who have kept company with adulterers (v. 18), those who have exercised an unbridled tongue, using it for evil and harm –boasting, hostility, slander, and deceit (v. 19,20 & 52:1-4)– are those types of whom God refers. Their prayers will not only not be heeded by God, but He will uproot them (Ps. 52:5), bring them terror (78:33 // Jer. 49:4,5), and pour out His wrath on them like a flood of water. (Ho. 5:10) All who forsake the Lord will be revealed for the fools they are (Jer. 17:11,13) when God casts them down to the dust (v. 13) and assigns them a place in Hell with the hypocrites. (Mt. 24:51)

The privilege of prayer is only for the righteous –for those who turn their backs on their disobedient ways (Isa. 1:15-20), wash themselves till they are clean (v. 16), and learn to do right. (v. 17) But for those who resist and rebel, God states that He finds their prayers and offerings detestable (v. 12-14), their mouths and hearts disingenuous. (Ps. 78:34-37) If they do not repent, they will, one day, be rejected by God forever. (Luke 13:1-9 // John 15:6 // Rev. 21:8,27)

with love,

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