Reminded To Pray Without Ceasing

December 13, 2014

The Lord does so many kind things for us –to encourage us, uplift us, help us, instruct us, and to remind us of what is important. He often does these things in such seemingly natural ways, though when we really think about them, we realize they hardly could have happened by mere chance.

Earlier this week I was at a vehicle inspection garage getting my car inspected. It is in a busy part of town where the boulevard has commercial buildings on both sides, not homes. So understandably, when I saw a white-haired Caucasian man about 75 years old walking up to the inspection garage from out of nowhere, I was surprised. He seemed so out of place that I quickly prayed, “Lord, give me a divine appointment.”

The guy opened the glass door, looked around, and smiled. “Hi!” he said.

“Hi!” I answered, smiling back. The young woman in jeans with her back to the window didn’t even look up from her iPhone. In fact, I never did see her face the whole time because she kept her head bowed and her hair hanging down like a veil.

Maybe a bit nonplussed by the other woman’s unfriendliness, the man turned his attention back to me. “How are you?” he asked me.

“I’m fine,” I responded. “Are you an angel?”

The guy laughed and asked, “Are you?”

“You’re the one that just came walking up from out of the blue,” I said jokingly. “There’s not even any houses around here.”

“I walked from home. It’s not too far –just across the freeway.”

“Oh, okay,” I said. “You just come here to get coffee.”

The guy laughed again and poured himself a cup. Then he stood near the counter, facing me. “Angel or not, I see you have the Spirit. Am I not right?”

“You are right,” I said, my tone no longer teasing. “I love the Lord and His Word with all my heart. And I serve Him.”

We smiled at each other, both knowing why we had had the instant connection. The Spirit in him was the same Spirit in me. It truly is a preciousness hard to explain.

“Pray without ceasing,” the man said suddenly.

“Absolutely,” I said, and I knew he was speaking the Lord’s message to me. I knew I needed the reminder. I knew God was reminding me that prayer does change things but that we need to pray them through. I knew God was gently and kindly reminding me that He has ordained that our prayers move Him to action and that our continued prayers move the mountains. I knew God was reminding me to keep on praying about those things I was burdened about and to remind certain others to do the same and not give up.

At that point a garage worker told me that my car was ready. But before I left, I said to the angel, “I’m Rachel. What is your name?”

“Bill,” he answered as we gave each other a side hug. “Don’t forget,” he said. “Pray without ceasing.”

“I won’t forget,” I promised solemnly. “Thank you.”

I had tears in my eyes as I drove the few blocks home thinking about the kindness of the Lord… thinking about how He gave me a divine appointment as I asked… how this time it was for my encouragement from another servant of His… how important prayer truly is, how vital, how powerful… how I need to have the faith and strength to keep praying, all the time, everywhere, and about all sorts of things.

The story doesn’t end just yet, though. Two days later –yesterday– I was in a store and found myself talking with a woman who was confiding to me about the suffering their family was going through due to the trauma of one family member. Another stranger joined our conversation and she happens to be a counselor at a Christian church. So the Lord sent two encouragers to the hurting woman, and as He did so, He also confirmed Himself, His presence, His Word, and His specific message to us. For just as we were parting ways, I said, “Pray without ceasing.” The counselor turned back toward me, stared at me, and said, “Someone just quoted that to me a few hours ago. I haven’t heard that verse in a good while and now, suddenly, twice in one day? It’s God speaking to me!”

I stared back at her, acknowledging with thanksgiving God’s confirmation to me too concerning His reminder about prayer. The hurting woman, seeing the other two of us so amazed, seemed to also have a rise in faith, and when I suggested we pray right then for her, she welcomed it with tears. Afterwards, we hugged, gave our phone numbers to the hurting woman, and went on talking for at least another ten minutes about the Lord and the comfort, peace, and guidance found in His Word. And about how praying continually brings deliverance and healing.

Divine appointments? Certainly. And God is able to bring beautiful ones our way. –When we ask, and often even when we forget to ask. But, if prayer really changes things, then let us put 1 Thes. 5:17 into practice. For just think how different so many lives, including our own, would be –if we would really “Pray without ceasing” every day and everywhere we go.

with love,

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