“Servants” With Weak Attitudes

October 28, 2014

It appears to me that you are like those (fictitious ones) who sign up for the military, or to be part of the Olympic team, or to become a surgeon, yet stand around discussing how and why there is the daily potential for failures. Pointing out the impossibility of doing jobs or maneuvers flawlessly with the expectation of victory every time, they not only spread negativity, weakness, discouragement, and confusion, but actually create the attitude for failure.

Also, stating that our daily goal is to obey our Leader perfectly, is not to claim that anyone has achieved perfection life-long. You put words in my mouth and you evade the points I have been bringing up to you.

What and how you are writing is typical of “Christians” who do not believe what God’s Word says and teaches. This unbelief and weakness of theirs I have often pointed out in my posts, such as in this one:



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