Kiana Honored Queen

October 18, 2014

Eight nights ago, at Alvarado’s Homecoming, my niece, Kiana, was one of the five senior princesses. She had chosen as her escort a young man named Tim who is one of the “LifeSkills” mentally challenged students she has assisted for two years at her school. Tim is the one I wrote about in my 12/16/13 post whose father was tragically killed last Fall in a motorcycle wreck. Kiana, in response, organized a charity fund raiser at her school and also wrote to the radio station, KLTY, asking if they too would like to help Tim’s hurting family.

So, as our family watched from the bleachers Friday night, 10/10/14, and all the princesses and their escorts stood on the football field at half-time, Kiana Headland was announced to have won queen! It was very exciting!

Truly, Kiana is deserving of the title. Not only has she assisted with the handicapped class, but she is a major leader in her school. She is the president of the student council, vice president of the student body, is a cheerleader, was the cheerleader mascot last year, was junior homecoming princess last year, is one of the top students grade-wise, and the list goes on. Most of all, she is a sweet and good girl who loves Jesus, shines Him to others (including to the Japanese people when they go every summer to Japan to minister, as well as to the international students attending the local university who she joins her parents in ministering to). More than all this, Kiana shows thoughtfulness and maturity like few others her age. Our family is very proud of her as well as thankful to God for helping her achieve and flourish.

Besides the excitement we had on Homecoming night, Kiana had invited me, along with her parents, to attend her classes that morning, as all the students’ parents were invited to do for their teens. That was a lot of fun and so was watching her and the other cheerleaders cheer for the pep rally. She had arranged for Tim and some of the other LifeSkills students to join in at one point to lead the crowd in a cheer, and that was definitely precious to watch.

Below are some photos of the whole wonderful day.

with love,

P.S.  Here, also, is a link to the newspaper’s photos:

Kiana and Tim

Kiana between two of her best friends who were also runner-ups

Kiana between Tim and his sister

Kiana (after receiving the queen’s crown and sash) and Tim; Alvarado fans in the background

Kiana and Tim with my brother and his wife (Ruth)

Kiana with her boyfriend, the football captain, by the gym, Homecoming morning

Kiana and her boyfriend of two years (who escorted her last year) and her parents

Me, Kiana, and my brother

Kiana and Tim when we visited his classroom

Kiana rehearsing the cheer with Tim and two of his classmates

My brother helping Ruth tie the Science Lab apron we had to wear in that class

Kiana and me wearing the aprons and goggles in Science Lab

Kiana and her dad cleaning up after the pep rally

Beautiful Kiana, getting ready before the evening Homecoming game

My parents met us at the football field

My brother and Tim before half-time

My mom and Kiana hugging after she won (Btw, the ring Kiana wears is a purity ring –a symbol of her vow to God to be pure.)

My parents with the new Homecoming queen and king between them

Me, Homecoming Queen Kiana, and Homecoming King Tim, 10/10/14

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